Fashion Friday (9/30/22)

Hey, y’all!

It’s crazy, I know. It happens every week, but I still get excited. It’s FRIYAY!

Obviously Friday has a different meaning right now, because I’m home from work and soaking in the moments with my babies before I head back.

And in more direct real talk, who REALLY knows what day it is when you’re up half the night already? Sendhelpplease.

Anyway, today I’m pondering the demise of skinny jeans.

Those of y’all who are as old as me probably remember when skinny jeans hit the scene again and everyone was like ‘ew, that looks terrible’ and ‘I would never’ and then we all realized how cute and flattering skinny jeans can actually be.

And then we were totally on board, and then fashion told us ‘skinny jeans are out’ and ‘mom jeans are in’.

And us middle aged mamas were like ‘nooooooooooo’ and here we are. Skinny jeans (or really good jeggings) are harder and harder to find.

SO. I want to know. Are they really dying out? Are we really doing this, middle aged moms?

Are we giving up this look?

Or this one?

Or parting ways with this one?

This mama needs to know, y’all. Do I have to let them go?

Have a great weekend, friends!

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