Fashion Friday (9/23/22)

Hey, Friday! Nice of you to show your face around the ‘hood!

Today I’m pulling a classic mommy move, y’all. I’m completely ignoring the fact that my fashion sense has taken a nosedive since becoming a mommy of two. I’m skipping over the fact that nothing fits and everything still hurts and I honestly just want to wear my hubby’s basketball shorts for the foreseeable future.

I’m totally escaping here and doing some shopping for our new little guy, because that’s precisely how moms avoid dealing with themselves.

They shop for their kids.

EV’s pretty well stocked for fall, and we’ve covered a whole lot of preschool girl fashion over the years, so I feel like it’s baby boy’s time to SHINE, y’all. Not that he’s going to care one single iota.

Oh well. He’ll deal. Also, it’s fun shopping for new stuff.

Without further ado, let’s dive in to fall looks for baby boys!

{via Jamie Kay}

I tend to lean towards ‘little man’ outfits and not necessarily the gender neutral, organic cotton, crazy overpriced infant looks you see everywhere on the internets right now.


You cannot go wrong with basic pieces like these. I love this look and am absolutely hunting down that sweet little sweater for our guy right now.

From the top of that cute little beanie to the bottom of those Adidas crib shoes, this look is absolutely adorable. Our little guy already owns a couple of denim jackets so this is an easy look for us to recreate.

And it’s definitely happening.

See what I mean by ‘little man’ outfit? This look would not be amiss on a lumberjack or trendy dude who emulates lumberjacks, honestly, but it also works so well in miniature that I just squealed a little at the cuteness.

Y’all. Why can’t I stop shopping for my kids?!?

Dis too much.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend, friends!

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