Get A Move On.

Hey, y’all! Are we literally flying through this year now, or what?

I’m just trying to catch my breath, but tbh, that’s how I live most of my life, so I shouldn’t act like this is something new.

Today, I’m popping in to talk about something that everyone dreads.

It’s not taxes.

Moving. Packing. Unpacking. Sorting through your junk.

I mean, in the interest of fair and objective reporting, maybe everyone doesn’t dread this. But me? ALL THE DREAD.

I’ve shared before that our family has been looking for a more permanent home in our area, along with the challenges of being a multi-continent family trying to decide where to live. We’re making some big changes around the homefront, and while I may share more details about that in the future, just know that I am not a home renovation blogger and frankly, am WAY too ADHD to take methodical instructional photos for super awesome DIY posts.

Let’s just all be glad it’s happening, ok?

Anyway, as challenging as complete renovations can be, you want to know what scares me more than demo-ing walls and painting for weeks on end?

It’s packing.

Naturally, I happily spent way too much time on the internets looking at other people’s great ideas for packing an entire home into cardboard boxes and moving it to another entire home, all without losing your ever-loving mind.

Dramatic? Maybe. But where’s the lie, y’all?

Anyway, since I’m swimming in a sea of over-information and cardboard boxes and possibly high on paint fumes, I thought it would be really nice of  me to share what I found.

Just, you know, doin’ my Christian duty.

This is a handy little 6-week timeline for planning out your big move. I really like that it includes things like meal planning in advance to use up extra pantry items. Oh, and decluttering.

Not that I LIKE that, you understand. But it’s helpful.

The visual side of me that craves color-coding and loves a good list was absolutely enamored with this method for packing. Granted, this author used a moving company and I AM the moving company, but I like color coded things as much as the professionals.

Probably more, tbh.

This post has some practical advice for packing up an entire house, which may seem a little simplistic, honestly, unless your brain moves at ADHD speed. In that case, you’re gonna find simple tips and tricks helpful because you MAY just be stuck on the perfect shade of turquoise for your color coding adventures.

Before moving, I don’t think one can fully grasp the value of Ziploc bags. This list of moving tips sings their praises (and offers several other helpful hints) and I can’t agree more, honestly. Take the time to pack those little parts and pieces into a Ziploc bag and tape it to your item before you pack it. You’ll thank yourself later, I promise.

This is a super informative collection of helpful hints – ranging from not only preparing to move, but planning, packing, and unpacking. I spent more time than I should have on this one, but that was probably because I’m avoiding my own to-dos. 😉

What about y’all? Any amazing hacks you’ve discovered over the years?

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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