Fashion Friday (9/16/22)

Hey y’all!

Welcome back to the blog – and on one of my favorite days of the week, no less!

Today I’m gonna talk about fall layers, even though the weather is still blazing hot and the idea of layering anything onto my postpartum mommy bod is actually appalling.

No, it’s not because I want to. It’s mostly because Starbucks has already been telling me it’s pumpkin spice weather so I’m feeling an inordinate amount of pressure to prepare for all things plaid and layered.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

{from Pinterest}

This look is definitely trendy – 90s-00s throwback top layered with mom jeans. I cannot even imagine wearing long sleeves like this right now, but I know in a few months, I’m gonna love this look. Mostly because breastfeeding + layered shirts is so dang convenient.

Why yes.

Yes I will take all the flowy plaid shirts you have on offer.

And I will also pair them with the stretchiest skinny jeans I can find.

And probably a pumpkin spice drink.

Just warnin’ you now.

I’m here for the shirt under sweater combo, even though it’s literally the most un-revolutionary fashion statement ever. In my head, it’s never gone out of style, even though you’ll find it on a lot of ‘throwback’ lists.

I like that this cropped sweater is worn oversized a bit. Mostly because, well, I’m also oversized a bit.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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