Beautiful Nail.

Happy Monday, friends!

Are we still talking about New Year’s Resolutions at this point in the year, or did they all fade into oblivion?

I’m asking because one of my commitments in 2022 was to tighten up unnecessary spending. Starbucks (sigh), convenience foods, and even regular mani/pedi sessions got cancelled, y’all, and I was quite the little saver.

But I’m beyond over doing my own nails. I have absolutely zero talent with that dang nail brush. It’s so bad that my 4-year-old – who is the girliest, frilliest person I know – would rather have bare nails than ones painted by me. Her mommy. The very love of her little life.


I’ve been doing some digging for advice on doing one’s own manicures and pedicures, and tbh, all of these bloggers make it look SO EASY.

I mean, seriously:

Look at that hand, y’all. It does not look like a 4-year-old got ahold of a paint brush, which is what my attempts at nails typically resemble.

And this one:

And this one:

So clearly, it’s not EVERYONE who is struggling with this, just, you know, your friendly neighborhood homegirl here. And before I’m inundated with offers for those cute nail wraps everyone seems to be selling, let me assure you that I’ve tried those, too.

I need to know, though – is there a magic trick to all of this? A certain brush, a certain brand of polish, a certain time of day or optimum temperature and humidity level to paint one’s nails?

‘Cause ya girl is struggling, y’all.

Have a wonderful week!

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