Fashion Friday (8/26/22)

Hey y’all!

Welcome back to FRIDAY! Are we thrilled? Because I’M thrilled. It’s been one of those longer-than-a-Pentecostal-altar-call weeks and I’m looking forward to being home with my girl. We are – I AM – savoring the time with her as we count down to baby brother’s entrance into the world, so weekends are just that much more meaningful.

And crazy busy. I’m full-on nesting and trying to cram in closet organization with trips to the splash pad and picking up groceries is e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g.

If it were less than a billion degrees outside, I’d be doing all this in athletic gear, y’all, but I can’t. Mama needs to feel the breeze, so I’ve been loving dresses and skirts this pregnancy.

The teeny-tiny little problem with that is, well, mom activities and summery skirts don’t always mix well.

I suppose SOME kinds of activities are compatible with short summer skirts, but this is a good Christian blog, y’all, so we’re keepin’ it on the straight and narrow.

Here are some mom looks with skirts and dresses that I’m loving lately:

Perfect for work or church in the summer, with room for a mommy tummy or postpartum squish – I think this dress is adorable and super versatile. I don’t own it, so I can’t attest to how cool or warm it is. But it’s on my list!

This is the perfect I-want-to-transition-to-fall-but-it’s-still-a-billion-degrees dress. Perfect color, perfect length, totally checks the fashion boxes…

It’s a win, y’all. And mamas can always use more of those.

I will never not love twinning with my girl, y’all. This automatically makes the list because it has a matching mini.

Oh, and it’s cheetah print. That’s the southern woman’s favorite neutral, y’all.

Simple and straightforward, you cannot go wrong with a t-shirt dress. This one’s a little short for my tastes, but I’m also sitting inside while I type this. A whole lot of propriety flies out the window once I’m out in the heat and sweltering like a stuck pig, y’all.

Just being honest.

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend spent with the ones you love!

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