Fashion Friday (8/19/22)

Hey y’all!

Anyone else out here dying because of the heat?

I am OVER IT, y’all. It’s like I cannot be cool enough to prevent myself from melting inside out. Probably because I’m literally baking and also baking a sweet little human that is making it difficult to breathe properly.

Prego heat flashes, y’all. They’re real.

Since I’m not feeling inclined to talk about clothing, or anything that would touch my skin in this blazing heat, let’s switch it up, ok?

I’m daydreaming of hairstyles that keep my hair OFF MY NECK for the sweet love.

Anyone else? Just me?

This double pony look is something my mom definitely did for me when I was between the ages of 5-8. Honestly I never thought I’d live to see the day where I considered ever doing this to my hair again. But now that I’m looking through my grown-up eyes, it’s actually not hate for me. I like the hair accessories, too, which probably helps elevate this hairstyle to a definitely, maybe.

This is the cutest ever. I feel like it would be just as adorable with the scarf looped around the top of my head like a headband, except for the whole more-layers-are-hotter thing.

Still, this is super cute and works with casual or dressy styles. It’s a yes from me, y’all.

Ok. Let me just be real up front and say that I will never look this adorable from the back angle. My hair is not as flowy and thick, and my braids are almost never straight.

HOWEVER. I’ve seen enough hacks for a Dutch braid on the internets to know that I just need to be clever with rubber bands to make this a reality, so you’re gonna find me sweating in the bathroom one morning very soon, probably muttering mean words as I lose yet another rubber band in my quest for this adorable style.

Mark my words.

Hope y’all have a nice, cool weekend, friends!

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