Fashion Friday (8/5/22)

Hey, friends! Welcome to another edition of me rambling about fashion.

Wait, wait, don’t leave yet, y’all!

So every Friday around the blog we talk fun stuff, right? Today I’m here to talk about a problem that admittedly has nothing to do with me.

I’m talkin’ long legs, friends. Legs for days. Legs that stubby lumpkinses like me can only dream about.

I’m not blessed with legs like that, clearly, but I have a sister and a daughter who are. And as jealous as I am, I can recognize the challenges of dressing a great pair of legs.

Namely, the challenge of finding summer clothing that isn’t completely indecent. I mean, when your legs are a mile long, there’s a whole lot of skin showing, whether or not the more personal bits are covered.

Going the other direction with a longer inseam gives off decidedly uncool mom vibes, and you don’t want that, either. Right?

So how’s a long-legged gal to shop?

Well, like this.

My long legged sister would be rolling her eyes right now, but do you know what I see? I see a 5″ inseam with the ability to control length by rolling the leg up or down. I see a high waist. I see some stretch to the fabric.

All of those things qualify this as a bona fide long-legged mama option. I say this with all the authority of a not-long-legged mama.

Ok, y’all.

The style is literally called mom shorts, so I don’t think we can get any more narrow in scope. These are definitely on the trendy side, but how cute are they with the fitted top and heels? I mean, these obviously aren’t her goin’-to-the-grocery-store shoes, but I can see these shorts working with a tshirt and sandals, too.

These are also rocking the longer inseam for better coverage of the pertinent areas, so a good look for long legged mamas.

Again with the rollable cuff, y’all. This looks more like a 7″ inseam to me, but I could be squinting the wrong way.

At any rate, the point is that these look amazing on longer legs, without looking frumpy. I know y’all aren’t trying to wear your grandma’s pedal pushers for funsies. This is a good compromise, and grandma gets to keep her clothes.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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