Today’s Burning Question…

Happy Monday, y’all!

So I have a burning question today that has nothing to do with deep and important topics and everything to do with too much time spent in a waiting room last week.

Y’all, do people still read magazines?

I don’t know anyone who subscribes to an actual printed magazine, delivered monthly to their doorstep. No one.

I’m old enough to remember when magazines and catalogues were a real, common, very relevant thing. We read magazines filled with hair and makeup and diet tips. Recipes. Heartwarming stories. Gossip. Strange habits of wild animals in faraway lands. We circled and dog-eared and marked pages of catalogues full of things we may or may not ever have planning on buying.

But even in my generation, I can count exactly zero people I know who continue to do that.

Even my doctor’s office has a little QR code posted above their magazine rack. You can scan the code and read the magazine on your phone. And 99% of the folks waiting around me were already on their phones, anyway.

Tell me, friends… Is print media dead?

Have a great week!

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