Fashion Friday (7/1/22)

Whoa, Friday, am I ever glad to see YOU!

Honestly, the thought of any clothing touching my body in July in south Texas is kind of appalling, but this wouldn’t be much of a fashion Friday if we were discussing our birthday suits, now, would it?

Instead, let’s talk about the least amount of clothing we can get away with while still, you know, keepin’ it classy.

Emphasis on the classy, ‘cause mama’s got a lot to cover.

On that note, I present to you….. 4th of July outfits for middle aged moms that don’t completely suck.

Quintessential mom chic, y’all. I feel like you can’t go wrong with white pants and a denim shirt, unless, of course, you don’t travel with Shout wipes or Tide pens in your purse. In which case, buy the wipes and pens and wear the pants (or shorts), because this look is a good one!

This look isn’t too far off from the first, honestly, but can we just talk about how cute this gingham top looks?! I mean, it IS July in south Texas, so I might not be a fan of sleeves right now, but I can appreciate that some people live in places that allow them to wear actual fabric over their skin in non-essential places and not DIE.

If you’re gonna do that, try this one.

Totally a casual-mom-chasing-her-toddlers looks, but make it COOL. Stars are automatically 247% cooler than dots, especially in this distressed and heathered tee. I’d rock this.

You can go a totally different direction and work with a cute little chambray dress, too. Go ahead. I won’t judge you if you do. But I might if you DON’T. I absolutely love this dress because it twins so well with similar toddler girl styles (my girl has at least 3 chambray dresses). It’s an older style so I’m currently stalking resale sites for this exact one, but the idea is so classic, there are tons of choices still available!

And there you have it, friends. Go in peace and enjoy your weekend – and don’t lose a finger over the fireworks!

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