Fashion Friday (6/24/22)

Heeeeeyyyy, y’all!

It’s Friday and I’m HERE for it. I’m so ready to get home to my girl and spend the weekend wallowing inside complaining about how hot it is outside.

We live a thrilling life, y’all.

But really, I’m actually on a mission this weekend, and I need to know…

What y’all know about garage sales?

I remember a lot about them from my childhood days. Getting up at dawn on a Saturday, sitting in our car at the curb, watching bleary-eyed husbands as they stumbled out of their garages with armfuls of stuff their wives were selling.

Making a game plan with the morning paper’s classified ads.

Absolutely falling for that old bit of crockery that never matched anything else I owned, and buying it anyway.


But there are a few things that I’ve never really gotten into buying secondhand. Upholstered furniture being one of those things, and clothing and shoes being another thing.

Or two things. Three things, if you count both shoes.

It’s not that I’m too good for hand-me-downs. Y’all, I wear hand-me-downs all the time. But they’re handed down from people I know.

I’m not that one that can rummage through racks at the Goodwill and find amazing, one-of-a-kind looks.

But I’ve seen that it can happen, and I want this talent for myself, y’all.

Naturally, that brings me to the big, wide internets to research pro tips for secondhand shopping.

In my defense, it’s only a slightly more tech-y version of my mom’s old pencil and newspaper trick for garage saleing, y’all.

I liked this article because the author lists several things to look for in quality secondhand clothing (metal zippers over plastic, patterns that line up at the seams, etc) that I found helpful. There’s also some surefire ‘pass’ signs she notes, so that’s helpful too.

This article also has some great tips for secondhand/charity shop hopping. Specifically about mapping out your areas of town (and the downside to only choosing ‘nice parts’ of town in hopes of snagging designer loot).

I also liked this article for the lazy gals who don’t want to stalk people in their own yards on Saturday morning, or paw through racks of clothes at a charity shop before the yellow tag crowd comes around.

This goes out to my peeps, yo.

And that’s it for today’s random and hopefully enlightening fashion thought of th day, my friends. Thank you for being here!

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