Fashion Friday (6/10/22)

Hey, y’all!

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t die because of swimsuit exposure, although you might be convinced otherwise from last week’s fashion Friday post.

Today I’m easing back a little bit and discussing swimsuits in a much more positive way, mostly because they’re for EV.

Who can be mad at a swimsuit for a 4 year old, I ask?

A MONSTER, that’s who. And I’m not that.

So let’s shop, shall we?

Ok, y’all. How sweet is this little seersucker suit?

I cannot.

If you don’t immediately think of pool days and lemonade with gone swimming sandwiches, I don’t know if we can be friends.

Please tell me y’all know about the sandwiches. They’re just regular sandwiches, but in my very comprehensive experience, regular sandwiches taste like the most heavenly manna after a pool day.

This one is super cute and I love the coverage. We’re going through an ‘I can’t wear long sleeves because I’ll literally DIE’ phase with my girl, so normal rash guard suits are suddenly unacceptable.

That includes the three adorable ones I bought on clearance last year. UGH.

This puff-sleeved rash guard set is absolutely darling, y’all. I have a soft spot a mile wide for sweet, girly prints, and this pastel gingham is everything.

Speaking of sweet, girly prints – can I interest you in the cutest little fruity print suit you ever did see? I love that the bright fruit is paired with a sweet little pink and white stripe, and she’ll love that there are no sleeves whatsoever.

We’ll call this one a win.

This one is a big girl suit, and I’m honestly on the fence about it for that reason alone. It is as cute as a patoot could possibly be, honestly, and I wouldn’t hesitate to choose a suit like this for myself.

But it’s a big girl style, and I’m just not entirely certain I’m ready to admit that my four year old is a big girl, y’all.

On that note, have an amazing weekend, friends!

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