Fashion Friday (6/3/22)


The day of reckoning has come.

I probably shouldn’t go for that dramatic of an opener in today’s world, but here we are, standing at the precipice of one of the moments I consider the WORST, LIKE EVER.

It’s time to put on a bathing suit.



Anyway, nothing fits from previous years, which is actually a yay great thing. The problem is that a middle-aged mom bod isn’t prime swimsuit material, regardless of a little extra cushion.

Y’all. What is gravity even DOING right now?

I’m appalled and also intrigued, like my body is a literal science experiment.

So I’m on the hunt for mom-appropriate suits for 2022. Please be fully warned that my tastes are pretty firmly ‘mommish’, so if you’re looking for a suit to show off the goods, that’s outside my wheelhouse.

But bless you, sister, you go on with your bad self.

This one comes in several fun print and solid mixes. I love it so much I want to buy multiples to mix and match, and at $25, it’s not unreasonable to do just that.

That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

This one piece is everything, y’all. I’m loving that it covers my mama tummy and has some support underneath the girls, but it’s still spicy enough to feel like a COOL MOM suit, you know?

This one is cute and reasonably modest, which, in mom speak, means totally appropriate for chasing your rambunctious little love around the pool. I’m not entirely sure how this would look on me, a chesty gal, but I love the prints and the fact that it’s one piece.

Mama’s not trying to let the girls loose, you understand.


I just… I cannot even.

How sweet is this Mommy/Daughter set?

I mean, we all know that this mama – and her daughter – are anything but angels.

But a girl can dream.


That’s it for me today, y’all. Keep me in your prayers as I embark on this painful journey of encasing myself in spandex and appearing in public, will you?

Have a great weekend!

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