Summer Eats!

Can it be the end of May already, y’all? Did this really just happen?

I’m elbow deep in planning a mini vacation for our little family, but before I go off on an absolute tangent, y’all please stop me.

I know it’s kind of over-the-top to have a spreadsheet and map out every stop, but I can’t seem to help it.

So I’m totally switching subjects, because as obsessed as I am with travel plans right now, mama needs to CHILL.

Speaking of chill, is it a billion degrees over there like it feels here? I know that’s not technically accurate, but I swear to you, the summer heat hits different when you’re old. I mean, I used to play in this stuff. Hours on end, just outside LITERALLY BAKING in the sun.

Those were the sandwich days around our house. You know the ones? When it’s just too dang hot to actually cook anything? We never had central AC as kids, so when I say it got HOT in that kitchen, well, ya girl isn’t lying.

Maybe it’s a habit now, but I still lean towards lighter food during the summer. Take, for example, salads. As a child, if you had asked me what an ‘adult’ food would be, I definitely wouldn’t have dreamed of salads. Endless birthday cake and loaded tater tots with chili and cheese, probably. But never salads, and yet here I am, about to share a whole bunch of salads for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW on my grown up blog, without even batting an eyelash.

8 year old me would be very disappointed. Let’s adult, shall we?

Have I mentioned lately how avocado-obsessed my kid is? We eat avocado daily around here, at least during the week. Almost every meal is a salad with avocado and some kind of protein, because, well, it’s easy and y’all, it’s HOT OUT THERE.

We like this version of avocado salad, too. EV isn’t big on tomatoes, but she loves the flavor of them (I guess she’s a texture person?). This salad was a hard sell for me, tbh, but now she loves it and eats around the chunks of tomato like a dutiful little picky eater.

Peaches grow well in the Texas hill country – it’s kind of a thing. So peach paired with anything feels, well, home-y. When I was little, my mom would buy peaches from the side of the road to can. Can I just long blog a minute and say that there is nothing quite like the taste of fresh, homegrown peaches canned in their prime and then lovingly baked into a cobbler?

‘Cause y’all.

That’s bliss right there.

Another flavor winner for us! EV is a huge fan of broccoli, and I love the addition of the cranberry with the crunch of the almond. We’ve also used pecans in this, and walnuts once when I was out of everything else. We prefer the pecan, but we’re big fans of pecan in general.

As delicious as you should expect from a link I’d share here, tbh, because y’all know how I feel about food. This salad has a tangy lime dressing that is EVERYTHING for summer. If you tilt your head and squint really hard, you can imagine that you’re wearing a big straw hat and dining in a fancy beachside restaurant.

That’s it for today, friends. Nothin’ to see here but the shattered illusions of an 8-year-old foodie with a monster sweet tooth. Happy Monday!

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