Seasonal Decor – Patriotic Edition

Welcome to Monday. May your coffee and your patience be strong today, friends.

Since we had a little fun with summer vibes last week around here, I thought right about NOW would be a great time to talk about seasonal décor during the summer.

Summer’s kind of a weird time for seasonal décor. We’re all hot and cranky and some of us still have bunnies on our mantel and some of us (me) will already be daydreaming of Christmas trees.

I’ve talked about my love for seasonal décor on the blog before, so this isn’t a new subject. But for the sake of continuity, let’s call this the next installment in the series, shall we?

With Memorial Day just ahead of us, and Independence Day after that, the safest bet for seasonal décor around this time is undeniably patriotic. At least, in my head, which is why my mid-summer décor tends to be red, white, and blue. It can be a bit of a challenge to toe that line between classy and cheesy when it comes to patriotic décor, though.

Not to mention the challenge in actually being a patriot these days, but that’s a whole ‘nother level of blogging.

So obviously, I’m not here for the tinsel flags or anything, but I know (from experience, mind you) that it’s absolutely possible to do tasteful patriotic décor.

And it’s also possible to leave said décor up for two whole months without having to change it, so there’s that.

Here’s some ideas I love from around the internets today:

Last year, I was into fireworks and pennants. This year, a simpler, more rustic approach to Americana is kind of what’s doing it for me. I love that this isn’t over-the-top, but more casual and homespun.

Just don’t ask me to freehand a map of the USA, friends. This one calls for a little bit of tracing and a lotta bit of ‘I’ve never been good at geography’.

Another simple, homespun take on Americana – I love this message and pray that the brave in our nation continue to stand up for liberty and justice for all.

This vignette is a little more rustic than my typical vibe, but it’s calling to me because it’s got that homespun feel that I’m about right now. I love that the star is a focal point without being overdone here.

Ok. How amazing is this card catalogue? I’m super jelly in a not-covetous way of that amazing piece. I also love the easy, breeze feel of this shot here.

Not shown above: the tricycle that this particular blogger staged in her living room. I’m a parent to a wild preschooler and literally laughed out loud thinking about how quickly that would go wrong at my place. It’s adorable in hers, though.

And there you have it, friends. If you need me, I’ll be chuckling wryly in ‘parent of a preschooler’ voice over here.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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