Fashion Friday (5/13/22)

Happy Fashion Friday, y’all!

Since we’re barreling into scorching temperatures like there’s no tomorrow, summer clothes are obviously the only thing worth talking about right now.

Except for I’ve been hunting fashion for myself non-stop lately, and frankly, I’m tired of debating the value of inseam lengths and fabric types for myself.

I mean. Not so tired that I’m gonna stop completely, you understand. Just, you know, tired enough to take a little sidestep into shopping for my girl.

That’s more fun anyway, tbh. Probably because there’s some sort of short-circuit in a mom’s brain when it comes to shopping. It’s mildly serious and can cause us to forget we were ever shopping for ourselves and buy ALL THE THINGS for our babies.

It’s just what we do, right? So on that note, let’s sidestep!

One thing we found out through very precise scientific research and also many mornings trying to dress a kicking, screaming preschooler is that my kid hates pants.

Hates, hates, utterly despises, LOATHES.

She likes skirts, dresses, and shorts, but leggings, pants, and tights? She will lose her mind.

We ended up in biker shorts and t-shirts for a lot of her school days last summer, and I’m thinking that this year will be more of the same. Good thing they come in lots of colors and patterns, right?

This girl is a total princess – just ask her. I bought her first maxi dress last year and she wanted to wear it EVERY WHERE WE WENT. Park, grocery store, church – she was twirling her heart out.

I’m loving this summery print, so this one’s a definite ‘add to cart’ for us.

Y’all, I can’t even with this cropped athletic top. Ev is in tumbling, so we keep a supply of little tiny athletic wear for more than fashion reasons.

Although they’re so dang cute I really don’t need an excuse to buy them. Because SO DANG CUTE.

Anyway, this one is also on our list because I love the empowering message and it will slip right over a biketard after practice.


This smocked denim romper is everything. SO much cuteness and super versatile. I mean – we can go all rocker chic with this or take it in a totally different direction with florals and ribbons.

And y’all know how I feel about multi-functional pieces.

Speaking of smocking, y’all need to know that my sassy, independent, too-big-for-her-britches 4-year-old is still gonna be wearing sweet little smocked dresses like this for as long as I can fit her into them.

They’re absolutely angelic and you can’t help but smile and saw ‘aww’ when you see a sweet little darling wearing her smocked dress and lacy socks at church like the most proper little Easter Sunday advertisement ever.

Just me, then?

Maybe so, but you’ll never convince me we don’t need a little sweet and wholesome in the world.

Y’all pray for my kid when she hits the pre-teen stage, because mama’s gunning for smocked dresses for a good long while yet.

And that’s a wrap for today’s roundup. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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