Fashion Friday (5/6/22)

Whoa, y’all. Not only am I over here wondering how we got to MAY already, I’m woefully underprepared for the blistering heat that is south Texas.

I’ve been working on getting to my ideal weight and staying there, which is a never-ending battle with PCOS, tbh. I’m resigned to the fact that it’s going to be a struggle for my whole life, and, you know, I’m NOT BITTER AT ALL.

Tongue firmly in cheek. I’m totally bitter-ish.

Anyway, I’m closer to that balance than I have been in awhile, which is a great feeling.

But it also means that we’re quickly approaching the point where my current wardrobe isn’t going to cut it. Thanks to my perpetual yo-yoing, my smallest-sized clothing all happens to be cold-weather related.

Have I mentioned blistering heat? Because nope, this is not working for me.

You know what works for me, though?

Shopping. That’s what works for me. So let’s do that, shall we?

I absolutely love oversized button down shirts with shorts for a breezy summer look. I’m not the biggest fan of my upper arms, so tops with sleeves are totally my jam.

I also schooled in the old school, y’all, and a top with a collar and buttons feels so much more put together than a t-shirt.

It’s a look that totally admits it was put together in a hurry, while reassuring you that I probably didn’t sleep in this.


My go-to for denim shorts over the last few years has varied wildly, so I’m not linking here. I tend to lean towards American Eagle for fit, but I’ve been known to go crazy at a Sam’s Club, too.

Don’t sleep on the discount stores, y’all.

I love that this dress will work with flat sandals or dressier wedges or heels, because nothing in fashion makes me happier than a multi-purpose piece.

Aside from a muumuu, that is.

{from Pinterest}

I’m all for a good skirt outfit, y’all. It’s my roots, and I love how feminine and flowy they are. I bought a similar skirt to the one pictured here on the island and LOVE it. Paired with a t-shirt, chambray shirt, or bodysuit – it’s super versatile and I wear it often, so I’m definitely in the market for more of these this season.

I honestly have my qualms about the inseam length here, but I love the idea of these overalls! Light and flowy with some visual interest in the distressing. According to the website, the model is 5’8”, so I might be safe on the inseam length, considering I top out at 5’4”.

This dress is called ‘girly drinks’ and I can’t think of anything more summery. I love it, even if it is pastel and frilly, and it’s definitely on my list right now.

Like, I’m probably gonna buy it before I finish typing this post, tbh.

Knowing myself as well as I do (ha!), y’all, it’s safe to say that the shopping has only just begun.

Cue villainous laughter here.

Happy Friday, friends!

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