Fashion Friday

Y’all. Is it Bridgerton that did this?

For real, this is my actual theory, because what else could possibly explain the resurgence of corsets as outerwear? I mean, y’all. Corsets were reserved for ‘OMG, can you believe women did that to their bodies back then?’ or maybe ‘ooooo, steampunk’ or possibly ‘soooooo alt style’ throughout all of the recent past. And then suddenly everyone with young, visible hip bones started working the mom-jeans-and-corset combo like it was the thing.

Which, obviously, made it a thing.

In my head, this fashion trend is directly correlational with the recent success of Bridgerton (a period drama based on a Regency bodice-ripper romance, for those of y’all who don’t know your Netflix).

Because honestly what else could have convinced everyone these are a good idea but ridiculously beautiful young ladies with corseted waists and boobs sitting up THERE being courted by ridiculously handsome nobility?

I know, I know.

I’m a not-hip-at-all millennial mama just trying to do my thing and keep all my things covered when it comes to fashion, so my goals are a little different than some. But let’s be real. I like to give a casual nod – maybe a little wave and fist bump – to current trends.

In this case, that’s hard to do in a way that sits well with both my values and my mama bod.

Corsets are sexy as all get out, right? Most folks would go immediately to lingerie at the word ‘corset’, and they’d be right. They started out as underwear, y’all, and they’ve lived on behind closed doors for many kinky years. Which is why I have a hard time going full-out corset, or even corset belt.

But the fitted, feminine silhouette isn’t a bad look. I can totally get behind that. So in a nod and fist bump to the trend, today’s post is all about the corset-y looks that are mom-bod approved. Take note now; there’s gonna be some peplum involved.

Mom bods gonna mom bod, y’all.

This sweet and summery number from Banana Republic is all the hip mom vibes, in my opinion.

Which, you know, you probably shouldn’t trust, since I said ‘hip mom vibes’.

I love that it’s classic and timeless, but gives some fit-and-flare action to enhance that shape and skim problem areas.

I’m looking at you, mommy tummy.

This is a super casual option from Venus that hints at some corset-y inspiration without being over-the-top. Not gonna lie, the fact that this zipper is ‘fake’ gives me all the relief. Zippers on a mommy shirt absolutely sing a siren song to toddler fingers and they can’t seem to stay away, so coverage is nice.

Score extra points here because this simple silhouette would totally flatter a mom bod. Even though my millennial self would most likely layer this with an undershirt.

Because every shirt needs an extra shirt, right?

This flouncy, wrappy top is also from Venus. I’m not even dreaming of wearing this much sleeve right now, but this is a cute spring or fall option to add a little edge to your look without, you know, jumping off the edge.

What about y’all? Are y’all living it up in some corset looks out there?

Happy Friday, friends!

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