Fashion Friday (4/22/22)

Haaaaaaaappy Friday, friends!

I hope that you’ve had an amazing week, and that you’ll get to top off an amazing week with a glorious weekend.

Cue ‘My Wish’ in the background, because I’m feeling all the love.

So today I’m here to share some hairstyle inspo. Not necessarily for y’all, I’m sorry to say. It’s more for the very selfish reason that I need to make a decision, STAT, about my hair situation.

I’m currently in the ‘between’ phase. I did a big chop in 2020 and as terrified as I was, I actually loved it. I kept the long bob for a year or so, and then stopped visiting the salon as regularly because my life is insane and I have no time and sweet mercy it’s a whole lot of planning to do ONE THING for myself.

Mamas, tell me you’re with me.

Anyway, now it’s grown out to a medium length. Not lob-ish, and not long-ish. Just… medium. My hairdresser wants me to carefully consider chopping it again, only because I’m aaaaalllmost to the point of having long-ish hair and she doesn’t want me to regret it and have to start all over.

Which is, you know, a fair point.

The problem is that the styling techniques I’ve been using look adorable with a lob, and stringy and undone with medium hair. They’re totally different than how I styled my hair when it was long, but tbh, styles have changed since then, too.

Also, there’s that whole millennial side-part/middle-part battle thing that happened in 2021.

All of that brings me to this point, where I have to make a style decision. And since hairstyles loosely fall under ‘fashion’, I’m going to reason it out with my peeps. It’s y’all. Y’all are my peeps.

{from Pinterest}

This is kind of my go-to. Dimensional blonde, either straightened or curled, depending on my mood. Except it’s pretty maintenance-heavy, tbh, since I’m naturally brunette.

And naturally a little gray, too, because HEY MIDDLE AGE.

{from Pinterest}

This style is what I started wearing after my big chop. Coincidentally, I did go blonder, too, which took out some of the dimension from my color and made it brighter.

And somehow, that spawned a whole midlife crisis. I fully own that I am just an average middle aged mama with no business trying to be the blondest, and also the tannest at the same time. And I do love me some melanin.

So I started freaking out about the harsh extremes of my color decisions and decided to tone everything down, which is where I am right now, a sort of highlighted version of my natural brown. More dimensional, less in-your-face Barbie knockoff.

Which leads me to here and now, combing through photos and trying to figure out what to try next. Combing. Ha.

{from Pinterest}

SO. Here’s a little monkey wrench. I actually dig a nice, warm red tone. I did red briefly in my younger years, and it was a fun change. I like the blowout style, too, which seems pretty on-trend thanks to a resurgence of 90s and 00s style.

I just honestly have very low expectations for my own skills with a blow dryer and barrel brush.

But I do love me a good voluminous blowout. This one is a little closer to my current hair color:

{from Pinterest}

And I feel like the look could totally work. If, you know, I can figure out how to make it work.

That gets me right back here, where all the questions are. Should I just go for the bolder choice and go with a shorter lob? Or should I stick it out and go for a longer length and *gasp* try to learn how to blow my hair out without getting hopelessly tangled in a barrel brush?

Hypothetically speaking, you understand. Because obviously I’ve never done that…. Recently, anyway.

I don’t know, internets, I need y’all’s help. What’s the cool thing for uncool middle aged moms to do these days?

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!

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