XOXO, Fashion Friday.

Hey, yo, Friday! I don’t know about y’all, but I am READY. I feel like I need several weeks to recover when I work a 6-day workweek, which sounds ridiculously puny of me.

My apologies to all of you beautiful people working a 6- or 7-day workweek. Y’all are some bad mamma jammas.

Since we’ve been deep diving into trendy little things lately, I think now is the appropriate time to bring up another fashion subject that I’m feeling a little….. meh about.

Enter the lug sole.

I don’t remember this style of sole having a name in the 90s-00s, do y’all? My dad called them ‘waffle stompers’ and due to the fact that he considered them hideous, my beloved shoes, the very pinnacle of fashion, were the subject of more than a few side-eyes and chuckles.

But that’s obviously because he was, like, soooo not in fashion, and is in no way a reflection of my coolness.

Anyway, here I am, firmly and totally at the point in my life where I’m seeing my own trends come back around again, and it feels eerie, honestly. I’m also not completely convinced I need to go there again. I mean, I gave these trends my very best efforts back then. Haven’t I paid my dues?!

Hello there, almost-a-mule, almost-a-sandal hybrid shoe. I’m gonna be real honest. If this is the only lug-soled shoe out there, I’m definitely not buying.

I mean, 25 years ago? Probably. But this silhouette screams memory foam insert on the top and rage-y teen on the bottom, so it’s a no from me, dawg.



This week’s fashion focus is giving me ALL the memory lane trips. You don’t even want to know how much I adored my platform loafers.

I mean, I can see them with my actual eyes. I see that they’re hideous. That they turn your feet into absolute bricks, except wobblier because these suckers were absolute havoc for your ankles.

And I still kind of want some. Complete with a little plaid menswear-inspired vest and maybe a beret.

Somebody stop this wave of nostalgia. PLEASE.

{from Pinterest}

Ah. And here we have the trendy lug soled sock boot. Bootie? I actually could see myself wearing something similar to this on an artsy day. Maybe not this entire outfit, but a black dress with these boots is totally doable.

And not weird for a middle-aged mom at all.

What do y’all say? Are we here for the lug-soled shoe, or just here for the memories?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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