Fashion Friday.

Friday, I love you.

That is all.

Well, not ALL, exactly.

I’m not known for passing up an opportunity to chat around here, y’all. And today I have a lot to talk about. Namely….. VESTS.

Don’t leave, really!

So this past winter, I bought a leather vest on super steep clearance. I’m not a biker, but I do love me some clearance, so into the cart it went. I’ve gone through cardigan phases, and let’s be honest – I’m firmly millennial, so I know about some layers – but I’ve never loved vests.

Something about them being warm but also sleeveless? Kind of like the clothing equivalent of a mule.

Anyway, I don’t know why I was so hung up on that, because I honestly wore that clearance leather vest more than my real winter coat. And not just because we live in fickle south Texas where winter only just occasionally peeks around the corner at you, either.

Yes. It was warm in all the right places, and comfortingly cool in all the right places, too.

SO. Obviously vests are on my ‘yes’ list from here on out, and for those of y’all who are living in places where transitional layering is not your actual winter wardrobe, but actually in season NOW, they might just be your perfect solution.

Let’s vest, shall we?

I love this shirt-and-vest combo. It’s on-trend, universally flattering, and plays as nicely with ripped jeans as it does with a pencil skirt or trousers.

Sign. Me. Up.

I love a little tailoring, don’t you? This shawl-collared vest is a little bit preppy (do the kids still say preppy?) and a little bit trendy. It’s a lotta bit flattering, though – I can see this working with so many top and bottom combinations. Anything from those ripped skinnies to wide-legged plaid trousers to a cuffed utility pant.

Anything, I’m telling you.

In the interest of fashion, I’m sharing this option, too. I mean, seriously, who would have predicted the return of sweater vests?

Not me, that’s who.

I’ve seen them fitted, with oversized shirts beneath (a similar vibe to the first photo above) but they also seem to be popular like this. Oversized and casual.

Not my favorite look, personally, but I’m not opposed to other sweater vest options.

Probably because I like cool arms.

Want an instant power outfit? Find yourself a menswear inspired piece like this one. I love this fitted vest with wide-legged trousers, but I can see it working with a skirt and oversized shirt, too.

Yall, this is a throwback link right here, and it proves that vests probably never went out of style. I can absolutely see myself rocking a utility vest like this, for, like, EVER.

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap for me, friends. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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