Book Review: I’m That Girl

Whoa, y’all.

Your girl blinked and it was THREE MONTHS IN the new year.

But welcome to a new week, nonetheless! I hope you had a beautiful, relaxing weekend spent with the ones you love. I had one of those three things, and beautiful and relaxing weren’t it.

Hashtag life of a mama, y’all.

Speaking of that, do you even know how long it takes me to get through a good book these days? I’ve always considered myself a speedy reader – like, I can easily put away multiple books in a day. But there are some books that take forever to get through, and honestly, that’s ok.

I’m That Girl by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison of Trim Healthy Mama fame is one of those books. I actually started reading it last October, and only recently finished it. Not because it’s long, but because it’s so full.

 Since I’m nothing if not committed to oversharing around here, I thought I’d give a quick review of the book.

Before I get to the subject matter, I will say that these sweet sisters have a very conversational style of writing, and there is a whole lot of rabbit trailing that happens throughout the book. For someone like me – who can distract herself just fine on her own – that was difficult to work through. If you send my brain down a rabbit trail, don’t expect it back anytime soon, to be honest.

And don’t get me started on all of the ellipses. I’m not a fan of overusing them because they tend to drag the eye away, and, well, become distracting. But they’re sprinkled throughout the pages like #saltbae himself got ahold of the manuscript.

BUT. I absolutely connected with the subject matter, and 100% felt the authenticity of the authors’ passion to strengthen their sisters in Christ. The book encourages readers to revolutionize their inner dialogue with scripture-based declarations of who we are in Jesus. In doing so, we reframe the negatives in our situation and hold firm to the promise that ‘I am that girl’ that can do all things through Christ.

I love that the book references actual studies, done by actual scientists not affiliated with the book or the sisters in any way, and ties those findings into the word of God.

Here’s an excerpt that packed a punch for me personally:

“There’s a current and very popular belief that we should always be our authentic selves. If we’re in a not-so-great mood . . . go ahead and express it. Feeling angry . . . “I’m so angry right now,” is well accepted . . . even encouraged. Feeling down . . . don’t fight the gloom, no need to act otherwise. Feeling sick . . . focus in on your symptoms so you can describe them in detail to yourself and anyone else willing to listen. Feeling sorry for yourself . . . a pity party is okay sometimes. Feeling weak . . . go ahead and announce your weakness for a Dairy Queen binge whenever you’re stressed. Does God agree with this authentic self stuff? It is all too clear from the scriptures that we have already shared (and countless others we haven’t) that He doesn’t. In Joel 3:10, God says, “Let the weak say I am strong.” If God agreed with this current trend of authentic self-expression, He would have said “Let the weak say I am weak.” The Psalmist’s declaration in verse 2 of Psalm 91 is pretty interesting. He says, I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will 66 I’m That Girl trust.” Notice that word “will” used there? Our marriage vows use “will” too . . . “I will take you as my husband.” So, for the days when we feel like loving our husband and for the days when we don’t . . . we will anyway! Will is a verb. We do it . . . feelings don’t have to come into play.”

This is absolutely one of the things that irks me about modern Christianity – it’s what the old timers would call ‘wallowin’ in it’, and it happens when folks sit down and get comfortable with their depression and negativity. That turns into the blame game real quick, y’all. ‘It’s because life is so hard, you know? It’s not my fault, I’m actually a really positive person!’

This book digs deep into those poisonous habits and encourages readers with scripturally-based teachings.

Another excerpt that resonated with me:

“Look at this scripture from Matthew 16:18 (KJV), “. . . upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” We always thought 58 I’m That Girl that meant Satan’s plans wouldn’t be able to succeed against us if we trusted in the rock of Christ, but we were completely WRONGO! Look at it again . . . the gates of hell . . . gates don’t go to war . . . gates defend. That verse actually infers we are to be the ones on the offense! We are the ones going to battle and doing damage to the accuser and his armies of darkness. We push against his gates, not the other way around! With God’s Word on our lips, we get to push the accuser back, and his measly defense gates won’t be able to stop us! How wonderful! Just look at you . . . you new creature you . . . Who knew you were destined to be such a fierce warrior queen?!”

I love this, not only because I want to be a fierce warrior queen (totally do) but because modern Christianity isn’t as concerned with storming the gates as much appearing meek and accepting.

But we’re called to do more than that. We’re called to walk in the power of Jesus we carry through His spirit, and the book does a great job of reminding the reader of our responsibilities – and blessings – as fierce warrior queens for Him.

When I tell you it’s a long read, y’all. Whew. It’s a LOT to digest, and the authors readily admit that in the early pages of the book. They encourage readers to take as long as they need – scribble in the margins, highlight some things – and soak in what they’re trying to say. I would absolutely not recommend this for a small group or book club simply because there’s SO MUCH to explore. Honestly. It would take a year to get through it all like that.

But 100%, I’d recommend adding this to your personal reading list. It’s good, y’all. It’s deep, it’s big, but it’s good.

Hope you have a fantastic Monday!

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