Fashion Friday (3/25/22)

Hey, y’all! All I can say is thank the good Lord it’s Friday, because I’ve been waiting all week.

Well, I guess that’s not entirely true. I can say a lot more than one single sentence, so I’m pretty stoked to have a whole blog post to chit chat.

I hope you’re here for it, too!

Today I’m shopping for ME, which is frankly a whole lot harder than shopping for my kid. Everything’s cute when you’re 4. Everything’s not quite as cute when you’re a middle aged mama with some problem areas.

And don’t get me started on the ‘wear what makes you happy’ thing, y’all. I’m happiest wearing things that are flattering and comfortable. PERIODT.

I’m currently still in the funky layer season, where it’s way too warm to keep holding onto sweaters and boots, but it’s a little cool to go whole-hog for summer attire.

Good thing it’s Texas and a t-shirt with boots is totally normal.

Right now, though, I’m looking ahead to summer. I’m nothing if not a pre-planner, friends, and summer in south Texas requires a whole lot of planning. And fortitude and patience, if you don’t enjoy the feeling of your skin melting in the blazing heat.

And that’s the issue. Clothing that is flattering and also comfortable is a whole dang challenge. You basically want nothing touching your skin in billion degree weather, but here we are, required to wear clothes and all.

I have a couple of standard looks for summer that have served me well over the past couple of years, so let’s check out some inspiration, shall we?

Ok, so obviously shorts aren’t earth shattering news here, but being fairly new to the shorts-wearing club, there are things that I am still learning.

I get the whole boyfriend short/tucked shirt vibe, y’all. The basic mom-on-the-go summer look and I, well, I am nothing if not a little basic. Oh, and also a mom on the go.

But what about a beachy layered look?

Or a duster, worn open over shorts?

These aren’t the standard mom uniform, y’all. But I’m listening and taking notes.

And what about jeans in summer? Although the idea might be cringy because of the whole fabric-touching-skin thing, there are admittedly places where shorts are probably not as appropriate as a pair of summery jeans.

Can’t have us scandalizing the Wednesday small group crowd, y’all.

Here’s some summer jeans vibes I’m feeling:

I love this striped shirt and ripped jean combo. It feels mom-appropriate without being too mommish, you know?

{from Pinterest}

The peplum will never not be something that speaks to my heart, y’all. I own similar shirts in almost every color imaginable.

This is a Target look, and while I’m not the most confident about the state of my upper arms, I feel like the ruffles here are distracting enough to cover that up for me.

{from Pinterest}

This look is a little more ambiguous, seasonally-speaking. It absolutely works right now, during Spring, but realistically, it works halfway through south Texas winters, too. I love this top and own a similar version purchased from TJMaxx a billion years ago.

So pants during the summer are doable, but not necessarily our FAVE, right?

How about a summer dress? They’ll never not be in style, no matter what fashion tries to sell me, y’all.

This is a classic covers-everything-touches-nothing vibe. Jersey maxidresses have been a summer essential for me for the last 15 years, and nothing’s changing about that for this year. Check and check.

The description here says this is poly, which is a definite thumbs down for this particular piece, but the cut of this dress is adorable and appropriate with wedges and jewelry or a ball cap and sneaks on the weekend, so I’m on the hunt to find this dress in a more comfortable cotton version.

You literally cannot get more mommish than a nursing-friendly dress that looks this cute, y’all. Another piece that I’d pair just as much with sandals as I would with sneakers, if you’re a nursing mama, this is all you.

What do y’all think? Did we hit the major food groups for summer mama style?

Have a great weekend!

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