Fashion Friday (3/18/22)


Let’s talk about something.

I know, we talked more and shopped less last week. But I need to know.

Does anyone else out there kind of think that open-toe booties look strange?

Like… If you’re going to wear an open shoe, why not open it up all the way?

Conversely, if you need a boot, why then leave your toes out to get all cold and clammy?

I’m not gonna say that I’ve never owned a pair of open-toe booties. I did, y’all. I bought myself a pair of them and managed to wear them a few times, too. But I always felt silly about them, because, well, I’m not sure I can commit to a shoe so obviously confused about its identity.

These are a perfect example of confusing shoes, to me. It looks like a fall/winter bootie, y’all, but someone forgot to cover the toes.


Ok, so I was looking for ‘cute open toe booties’ and then there were these. They look stylish, I guess – they’ve got the 90s vibe checked off, for sure. But the whole foot is covered, EXCEPT the toes. I mean, obviously this is on purpose, but WHY, though?

Is it because the toe is the hottest part of the shoe? Is it because winter pedicures need to be put to good use? Is it a foot fetish thing, y’all? You can be honest with me.

Something like this makes more sense to me, even though I’m not a huge fan of a butterfly motif and would definitely not choose this for myself. It’s more open and sandal-like, so the toe makes sense. But then again, not very ‘fall/winter’, which is bootie weather, so is it even a bootie at all?

Do you see how this becomes a puzzle never solved and cause my brain to circle around and around until literally imploding?


Help me out, friends. Is this a weird trend?

Have a happy Friday!

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