Spring it UP.

Hey, yo, Monday, you came around QUICK!

I hope you had an amazing weekend and stopped to sniff the roses and not the ragweed, which apparently LOVES the climate here in coastal south Texas.

Got our allergies KICKIN’, y’all.

Anyway, no sniffly nose is keeping me from this week’s project – updating my décor for spring! Since Valentine’s has passed and I don’t decorate for St. Patrick’s day, the next holiday to decorate for is Easter.

Go ahead. Tell me it’s ridiculous to decorate for all the things.


I tend to stay away from bunnies and carrots because our family chooses to celebrate Resurrection Sunday vs. traditional Easter, but let’s be real. We have a whole big bunch of kids, and realistically, we’re not going to shut them out of participating in things like egg hunts and bunny crafts. We just try hard to keep the focus of the season on the sacrifice and victory of the cross and empty tomb.

That being said, you would not believe how hard it is to find seasonal décor that isn’t completely bunny-and-egg themed, y’all. If you know how to search, you can come up with some cute Resurrection Sunday décor, but be prepared. It’s a whole lot of farmhouse style script.

I’ve pulled together some of my favorites, though, in case you’re like me and looking to steer your décor away from mainstream Easter. Let’s shop, shall we?

This is 1,000% farmhouse, y’all, but I especially love the little church house and the cross garland. I think this would be adorable in a vignette with spring florals.

We live in a mid-century home, so our front porch is super tiny and bookended by a brick planter box. There’s not a lot of room to decorate, but there’s enough space to squeeze a vertical sign like this beside our door. I love that this isn’t the typical ‘Easter Bunny Stop Here’ yard sign, but a declaration of your faith right from the front door.

Speaking of ‘He Is Risen’, this metal piece and wreath combo is simple and elegant. I’m totally digging it!

Technically this could be left up for longer than Easter, depending on the ribbon/embellishments you choose. I’m not a fan of the bow it comes with, but that’s an easy fix!

This is absolutely something that would work well on my mantel or piano. I like that it’s a subtle reference to victory, but it’s a little lighthearted, too.

This is actually a printable, but I absolutely love the idea of using the palm fronds for a garland, and hallelujah is one of my favorite words, so I’m seriously considering creating a garland for my mantel that is inspired by this one! I’m envisioning lots of bright florals and palm leaves and a cute sign or two. Can’t you just picture it?!

How cute are these little tea towels? Aside from having to convince J that they’re not towels for ACTUALLY USING, I think they’d be adorable in my kitchen, where I tend to go a little more whimsical and pastel-themed for Easter décor.

This sign is beautiful – I love the chippy paint and script font as much as the next southern mama who can’t let go of that farmhouse vibe. I would absolutely leave this up all year long, though. Have I mentioned that hallelujah is one of my favorite words? 😉

That rounds us right up for today, friends. I hope you have a blessed week!

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