Fashion Friday (2/11/22)

Y’all. We’re officially here. We’re in those weird days of winter, where in coastal south Texas, you don’t know if you’ll get a blizzard or a 90 degree afternoon. You might get both, tbh, and all in the same week.

I mean, let’s not get it twisted – most of us are still really glad it isn’t August, when the only blizzard available is the one down at the Dairy Queen – but still. It’s a weird weather time, honestly.

It’s also the perfect time for layers. These are the outfits that most folks are wearing in September and October, when we’re still in shorts and sandals. They’re the ‘fall layering’ looks everyone’s pinning in August.

And we’re over here waiting for the weird winter days when neither a parka nor shorts and flip-flops are appropriate. THAT’s when we pull out the layers and the ‘transitional looks’.

If you’re wallowing in snow drifts at your place right now, I’m so sorry, this post isn’t for you. Or if you’re on the other side of the world and sweltering through your summer, well, friend, feel free to scroll on down. But if you’re a tropical or southern mama, it’s time to unite. We’re pulling out the layers!

This dress is perfect for layering. You can throw a long- or short-sleeved shirt under it. A cardigan over it. Knee boots. Converse. Booties. Literally almost anything pairs well with this dress, y’all. I feel like it’s a must.

Lighter jacket options are clutch right now, friends. I own multiples in this olive-green military-inspired cut and they play so nicely with almost anything I throw at them. From floral dresses to leather leggings, seriously. Throw on a light jacket and call yourself done. If it actually gets cold, you can even layer these with a sweater.

See? Versatile AND easy to find. They aren’t popular for no reason, friends.

This kind of layered look is appropriate for the vast majority of our winters. It might not look like it’s warm enough, but trust me. It won’t have sweat rolling down your spine by lunchtime. An open-structure cardigan with mid-length sleeves is All. You. Need.

Um, yes please. A faux leather jacket instead of a wool overcoat. If you doubt me right now, just go back up there and read that line about sweat rolling down your spine one more time.


The nice thing about living in warmer climates is that there are looser fashion rules. Wanna wear white and pastels in February? Go on ahead, girl. I’m just here to cheer you on.

Happy Friday, friends!

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