Fashion Friday (1/28/22)

Hey y’all! Can you believe that we’re already almost through January of 2022?! It’s insane how fast time is whipping by us, and frankly, I’m a little put out by that.

Probably because I fully expected a flying car when I was a kid envisioning what the 2020s would look like, but I’m gonna try to be a mature and responsible adult about all those shattered hopes and dreams.

Speaking of hopes and dreams, how many of y’all have a gorgeous, sexy, knock-his-socks-off outfit a size or two or more, just hanging out in the back of your closet with its tags still on?

Yep. I’m talking about GOAL OUTFITS, and everyone I know has one. Maybe it’s not a new dress. Maybe it’s those Rockies from high school. If so, good news for you – Rockies are BACK and the vintage ones sell like hot cakes.

Yes, darling. They’re calling them vintage.

I know, that made me shrivel and die a little inside, too.

Anyway, we all hold onto the hope that we’ll get into those goal outfits at some point. My weakness, apparently, is bodycon dresses. Well, and chocolate and Starbucks, but let’s not talk about those, ok? I’ve got several of them at this point that are languishing in the back of my closet until  I can zip them up without looking (and feeling) like a sausage.

Like this one:

Which is gorgeous and unique and sexy without being trashy, right? Yeah, it doesn’t fit me. And I could totally buy it in my current size, but then I’d just wear it for a little bit, right? Um, why buy something when I’m definitely not staying at this size?

….And then I end up not losing that extra ‘covid weight’ or ‘baby weight’ or ‘I ate my feelings too many times weight’. And missing the opportunity to feel like a rockstar wearing a super cool dress in a size appropriate for my body right now.


Is it just me? I mean, why do we do this? I’ve passed over the right size and bought a size down as ‘motivation’ more times than I care to admit. But those outfits don’t motivate me as I paw through my closet to find something that fits. Basically I just shove them to the back and keep wearing what actually fits.

I know this isn’t a typical fashion Friday post, but this habit is emotionally heavy. It contributes to inner guilt because I know I can’t wear that dress yet. And guilt, as we all know well, can turn into such a vicious cycle of self-recrimination and negative inner dialogue.

If we do one new fashionable thing this year, can it be to let ourselves enjoy who we are today, rather than shopping for our ‘goals’ selves? Happy Friday, friends!

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