Fashion Friday (1/21/22)

HEY WEEKEND! It feels like forever since we last met.

So last week I asked about a very specific (and beloved) winter pattern, and I can’t honestly say I’ve fully decided where I stand on that. But it has me thinking about other style traditions that we ‘save’ for certain times of the year.

Obviously I’m not talking about sweaters and fleece-lined pants, y’all. I’m not totally crazy, although it may seem that way from time to time. I’m thinking specifically about winter vs. summer colors.

Eggplant. Burgundy. Gray. Brown. Marigold. Crimson. Hunter green. If you closed your eyes right now and pictured any one of those colors, I bet you automatically thought ‘winter’.

White. Red. Pink. Yellow. Mint. I bet you thought of specific seasons when you envisioned those colors, too.

Obviously I took to the googles about this. Once I start down a rabbit trail, y’all, there’s no stopping it. And there’s been a lot of research into the psychological explanation for why we do this.

Turns out, it’s a pretty simple explanation, despite all of the elaborate studies that have been done. NPR has an archived article sharing findings from this study by Karen Schloss, et al, which essentially correlates color preferences to seasonal variations in nature simply because that’s what we’re seeing around us.

That particular study found the most drastic shift in color preferences in the fall, which, if you don’t live in coastal south Texas where there is no real fall, makes perfect sense. The deep and vibrant colors of nature call to us and we naturally gravitate toward similar palettes when we’re choosing what we wear.

If you’re older than Generation Z or whatever they’re calling kids born in the late 90s and forward, you probably remember the importance of dressing ‘in your season’ when it comes to flattering color options, right?

It was a big deal in the 80s. Y’all, remember Color Me Beautiful, right? Please tell me I’m not the only old person in the room right now. Based on Color Psychology, which was pioneered by Johann von Goethe as early as the 1700s, author Carole Jackson assigned a ‘personality’ to every seasonal color grouping to simplify the whole process of picking out complimentary colors.

The basic idea is that you’ll determine your skin’s undertones – warm or cool – and then assess the lightness or darkness of your hair and eyes to land on your perfect season, which comes with its own palette. The seasons are determined like this:

WINTER: Cool undertones and dark hair and eyes

SPRING: Warm undertones and light hair and eyes

SUMMER: Cool undertones and light hair and eyes

AUTUMN: Warm undertones and dark hair and eyes

The infographic above links to some helpful visuals, if you’re interested in finding your season, but be forewarned – there’s a sales pitch at the end.

Of course, in today’s culture, telling anyone that they shouldn’t wear whatever they want is considered bad taste. But let’s be honest – I’m not gonna reach for colors and cuts that I don’t feel my best in, y’all. And I feel like most folks (at least the ones not trying to make some kind of cultural statement) are of the same mind.

What do y’all say? Have you ever done your color analysis? Does that even still apply anymore? Am I a total weirdo for bringing up the 80s?

Have a great weekend, friends!

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