Fashion Friday (1/14/22)

Ok, y’all.

Honest question.

Are we… Are we still wearing buffalo plaid?

Like, I know that it’s still marginally stylish. It’s not that. I mean, are we still wearing it even though it’s after Christmas?

Maybe I’m just being weird. Probably I’m just being weird. But somehow in my head, buffalo plaid has become intrinsically linked with the holidays. I’ll wear the stuffin’ out of some buffalo plaid all the way through the holiday festivities, but for whatever reason, in January I tend to push the print to the back of my closet.

Am I the only one?

I mean, there’s plenty of cute options, like this one:

Totes cute, right?

Or this popover and ripped jeans combo:

which is adorable and perfectly appropriate for events not related to the holidays.

But this doesn’t scream ‘holidays’:

like this does:

so I’m kind of torn.

And then there’s this:

which is almost giving me summer vibes.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of her closet, asking it to tell her what is seasonally appropriate.

What say you, friends?

Have a great weekend!

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