Fashion Friday (1/7/22)

Hey, y’all, heyyy!

I bet you are over there absolutely killing your new year’s fitness resolutions, aren’t you? I see you. Got your spandex on, carrying that hydroflask you borrowed from your kid. I mean, she’s totally going to melt down about it later, but you’ll remind her that it was bought with your money, ergo, it’s available for your use.

You. Are. Unstoppable.

Since the chances of being actually seen at the gym are pretty high right now, this week’s fashion roundup can only be one thing. Gym things.

I guess there’s more than one gym thing to talk about, but just flow with me, ok?

Before we get to shopping, let me just say this: if you can throw on a sports bra and tights and work your magic in the gym like there’s no tomorrow, this post is probably not for you, ok? I love you and your lack of mommy flab, I really do. Just, you know, scroll on by this post for now.

For the rest of us, there’s a distinct need to keep things comfy, but contained. Those are the looks we’re shopping today, friends.

Ready? Let’s go.

I’m just gonna get the comfiest look out there, right off the bat. I love this tunic (currently only available in plus sizes) because it’s a put-together version of my off-season gymwear, which is essentially J’s ginormous t-shirts and tights or leggings.

This covers everything and touches nothing and still looks cute. I’m pretty sure you can’t get better than that in a gym top, tbh.


This run hoodie from Fabletics is amazing. It’s lightweight performance fabric, has tons of pockets (even at the wrist), and, well, covers everything/touches nothing.


Another option from Fabletics, I love that this cropped hoodie (the Brisa crop) is stylish, but still covers the goods. I don’t personally own this one, so I can’t say that I’d wear it while actually working out, but I would 100% throw it on pre- and post-workout running errands and picking up my kid from daycare, or for an outdoor jog.

If you’re in the mood to show off the results of your workouts without getting too crazy, this is your look, my friend. Paired with high-waisted leggings, you can show off selected areas of skin… and keep the other parts covered. This is a compression top, which I love, and available in regular and plus sizes.


Another cute option from Fabletics (because apparently they’re killing the athletic wear game today) but I love that this is basically an oversized t-shirt with a little sass. Like, it’s cool enough to pass for actual clothes when I don’t bother changing before I run errands.

Ultra high waist and ultra compression, both absolutely vital to my choice in leggings or running tights. Fashion Nova has some pretty ….interesting… clothing options, but they know their way around some spandex, my friends.


Also from Fabletics, the Define legging is nice and thick – as in, squatproof  – and does a great job of compressing my mommy tummy, which makes my heart happy.

I know it’s not a very diverse selection, y’all, but I had to share what I loved.

Happy healthy Friday, my friends. Have a great weekend!

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