Fashion Friday (12/10/21)

Let’s talk about how holiday people look forward to the end of the year for the entire year.

Let’s do that, and then add the cluster mess that was 2020’s closures and restrictions due to COVID-19, which meant CANCEL ALL THE THINGS we love.

Let’s mix in a little run of the mill social anxiety. A dash of over-planning. A smidgen of under-confidence.

That sounds like exactly the recipe that left us feeling bereft and shortchanged over last year’s holiday festivities – more specifically, the lack thereof.

This year, I’m proceeding with unabashed enthusiasm. I know it isn’t the case everywhere, but I’m so grateful I live in an area that is open for business. I’m embracing the holiday plans and parties and soirees and socials.

But I’m also cautious, because, hello, dash of over-planning. That got me a couple of formal dresses last year that are still hanging in the back of my closet with tags. I’ve been busting my tail to get rid of the lockdown weight I managed to gain and hold onto for almost a year, so I’m a different size than those dresses and it pains my very heart that I’m basically wasting them.

So instead of investing time and headaches into planning out party dresses, I’ve decided to focus on dresses that I can totally restyle for work- and church-appropriate looks.

Here’s what I’m loving for this year:

This dress is on the casual side (nary a fleck of glitter to be found) but I love that it will work for so many different occasions. Flats? Tennis shoes? Heels and a sparkly clutch?


Ok. Hear me out, y’all. I see this thigh-high split here and I realize that it does not actually scream church- or work-appropriate attire.

I hear you.

But I was raised modifying clothes to suit my church’s dress standards, so I’m not scared of a little needle and thread. My solution for this is to stitch the split closed at the top few inches and call this totally appropriate.

And that’s just how it’s done.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with a black midi dress or ten. I like the detailing on the sleeves here, and I can absolutely see myself rocking this dress to work or to church with any number of accessory combinations.

That’s all for this week’s episode, friends. If you need me, I’ll be the one in the could-be-a-church-dress cocktail attire over there in the corner.

Happy Friday!

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