Fashion Friday (12/3/21)

Haaaaaaaappy Friday, my friends!

Weekends are obviously my favorite time of the week ALL year long, but they take a special place in my heart when it’s the holiday season and we get to bake cookies and drink hot cocoa and visit lighted Christmas displays and throw out ‘Merry Christmas’ to literally everyone we see without being weirdly judged for it.

Because the looks I get when I try that in July are SOMEWHAT UNWELCOMING.

Today I’m sharing some absolutely adorable dresses I considered for EV this year. I don’t know if it’s the fact that she’s starting to need size 4T for her inordinately long legs or that I’m just feeling all nostalgic and nest-y, but I’m fighting tooth and nail to keep her in little girl looks a little longer.

Enter the smocked dress. Or, really anything smocked, because nothing is sweeter than a little vintage childhood throwback.

They’re basically all I considered before I bought her Christmas dress, not gonna lie.

This one won, because this little stitched nativity echoes the dress she wore last year (also smocked with a sweet embroidered nativity scene) and because I cannot resist Christmas plaid, like, EVER.

I also loved this:

Even though it doesn’t feature the nativity scene, simply because the smocking and that lace are pure little princess perfection.

I can’t get enough. This one’s still in my etsy cart, actually. It’s too good.

No smocking here, but I can’t get over the little Peter Pan collar with the monogram on this one. ADORABLE.

This one has a monogramming option, too, and I’m digging the black and white vibe, ridiculous love for Christmas plaid notwithstanding.

EV probably needs 4 Christmas dresses, now that I think of it. That seems reasonable, right?

Happy Friday, friends!

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