To Read Digitally, or Not To Read Digitally?

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you had a glorious weekend. I took some time to fully embrace the coziness of my full-on Christmas display in the living room (quit yer judgin’) and snuggled on the couch to read for an hour.


An hour was the original plan, anyway, but telling a bibliophile to force themselves to read for an hour is like telling a fish to swim for an hour. Reading for an hour isn’t hard. Stopping at an hour is hard.

I’ve been making a conscious effort to take advantage of free books on my Kindle app, so I’ve been reading a lot more smut than normal, tbh. Those are more readily available for free than, say, books on investing or motivational tomes.

I guess I could take advantage of the opportunity to read through the iPhone user guide, which Apple Library claims ranks in the top 100 free books. LIES, Apple. NO ONE is reading that for fun.

Anyway, so I could use a break from muscled billionaire heroes, but I also have serious qualms about spending money on books because I blow through them so quickly and rarely re-read.

BUT then again, I also have qualms about borrowed/library books for two reasons. One being GERMS, and the second being that I always forget to return them until they’re way overdue and that makes me feel like an entire failure.

Also, I have an irrational fear of being arrested for library fines because that’s a thing that happens to people sometimes.

I guess that’s three reasons.

So I read free books that I download on my phone that I already own. I haven’t splurged on a Kindle for reading because I feel like that’s literally the same thing that my phone already does, for free.

Sidenote: I’ve heard there’s a library app and I’m investigating that literally right NOW, and I’m excited about leaving the bodice-rippers behind for awhile.

That being said, I’ve been tossing around the idea of a device for reading. I’m an Apple user, and the practical side of me says to just go for an iPad because I can use it for all the things.


My kid can use it for all the things.

But I keep hearing all the things about the Kindle Paperwhite. Do you own one of these fancy little e-readers?

I like that it’s pink and cheaper than an iPad, but I know zero other things about this item aside from the fact that you can read books with it.

Mama needs all the recommendations, y’all, so lay it on me.

Which is better – iPad or Paperwhite?

2 thoughts on “To Read Digitally, or Not To Read Digitally?

  1. I own both. For reading the Paperwhite is perfect! An ipad would be heavy to hold while reading. I actually just bought my girls a Paperwhite, so I don’t have to share. 😜 I bought them the upgraded one that’s waterproof and Bluetooth capable, so they can use it like an old fashioned “book and tape” since it has audible on it too. I’ve had mine for 6 years. I got it when my youngest was nursing around the clock and Mama needed something to due other than shopping online. I also subscribe to genre specific daily emails that send me lists of “free” books everyday. It has been a great way to “find” free books that I’m interested in. Not on the Paperwhite, but Alexa will “read” any Kindle book, which is kinda cool. I’ve used it for my school books that aren’t available on audible and listen to them while commuting. Message me if you want to know about the free book emails.

    1. Hey girl! I love the idea of using it like the book and tape sets from our childhood. EV would absolutely have a blast with this. Thank you so much for the suggestion! 🙂

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