Fashion Friday (11/19/21)

Hey y’all!

How’s that holiday to-do list coming along for you?

Me, I’m over here elbow deep in controlled panic.

I’ll be working through next Wednesday – you know, the day before Thanksgiving – so I’ve been planning every prep step for weeks now.

But enough about that.

Let’s talk about the fact that one week from now, I’ll be spending entire days in stretchy clothes. It’s the only fashion that works with the type of eating I do around the holidays, tbh, so I’m not inclined to change into anything with less than 95% spandex.

Obviously my priorities are firmly sorted.

After a year like 2020, I think we can all agree that loungewear is an actual fashion genre. We can all agree to disagree about where, exactly, we are going to wear the aforementioned lounge fashion, but rest assured, honey, I’m going everywhere in my stretchy pants.

This means I’m going to need some cute inspo looks, obvs. That’s where today’s fashion dive comes in handy, right?

Without further ado, let’s fashion!

This is starting out with a pretty high bar, fashion-wise. I mean, she’s rocking pleather, so she’s already looking about 1000% more polished than I will be in my post-turkey haze.

But with enough spandex, I think I could manage this if I needed to roll out of the house for anything.

That, my friends, is a BIG ‘if’.

{from Pinterest}

This look is WAY more realistic for me – baseball cap and all. I fully expect to gain a few pounds over thanksgiving, so catch me with that OVERSIZED tee, pretending that it looks that way because of fashion.

{from Pinterest}

Or you may just catch me with my jacket around my waist, covering up the evidence of my carbfest.

Just. Look. Away.

This is probably the most accurate of all the loungewear looks in my repertoire, tbh. Soft joggers, oversized t-shirt, and quite possibly a little sugar glaze around the corners of my mouth.

Happy Friday and happy weekend, friends!

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