Fashion Friday (11/5/21)

Happy crisp and beautiful and WONDERFUL Friday, friends!

I’m speaking that into existence right now, because here in south Texas, it’s marginally cooler, but threatening rain on the regular.

It’s really throwing my whole Pumpkin Spice vibe for a whole loop.

Anyway, today I’m ready to take on fall layering, rain and mediocre temperatures notwithstanding.

I know, I know. LAME. This isn’t new or cutting edge material, but frankly, it comes around once a year, so any self-respecting fashionista should be prepared to discuss this at least that many times.

And I’m nothin’ if I’m not a self-respecting fashionista, y’all.

So I’m seeing layers everywhere in my feeds right now, but I’ve got to be honest – they’re not all for me. In theory, layers provide the perfect amount of warmth. Customizable, if you will.

In practice, I get cranky and claustrophobic when I’m wearing lots of layers. Something has happened to me as I’ve aged, y’all. I used to be able to wear however many layers I needed to achieve the desired look. Multiple undershirts, popped collar, blanket scarf, the whole nine yards.


I can’t deal anymore, y’all. Maybe it’s the climate, maybe it’s me getting older, maybe it’s snobbery.

Hopefully not that.

But I’m looking for different ways to layer for fall this year, so let’s get to huntin’!

Ok. So here’s the basic idea with layering, in case you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know, and while this look is stinkin’ adorable on her….

…..I’d be lost before we ever got to the cardigan, honestly.

And don’t even get me started on the blanket scarf around her actual neck.

ADORABLE, though, and a great reference for layering.

This is a little more what I had in mind with ‘layers done differently’. This is a bodycon dress from summer, paired with a long sleeve turtleneck and managing to look chic and pulled together and not accidental in the least.

I’m also seeing a lot of the summery floral printed sundresses in my head, paired with leather jackets and knee boots.

It could totally be a thing. Skirts and boots, y’all. I’m feeling it this season!

I love this layered look, and although we’ve technically got a sweater over a shirt situation, the oversized fit of the tops has me vibing with this.

I could see this also working with summer striped shirts, whether button down or t-shirt. Just enough to peek out the bottom of a sweater.

This is an old, old post dug up from the annals of Pinterest, but it’s a good reference for a south Texas layer situation. Summery dress with a vest over it.

I’m not sure I’d go with a puffy quilted vest for this, but hey, it was 2014 and this was the height of fashion at the time.

Anyway. I’m going to say that this would be absolutely adorable and current with an olive-green utility vest and a different belt.

I’d still rock booties with this in theory – but in reality, it would probably be sandals.

This ‘fit from Southern Curls and Pearls is a good example of a mid-winter layering situation in my neck of the woods. With a good lightweight cardigan, this  may just happen for me.

That’s it for this week, friends. Don’t forget to try these at home and turn in your homework on Monday!

Just kidding. Spend your weekend as you should – enjoying your loved ones.

Happy Friday!

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