Fall Bucket List 2021

Happy Monday and Happy NOVEMBER, y’all!

I’m totally in my element right now, so if you see me standing under a tree, stroking the sleeve of my fluffy sweater and wearing a sappy grin, please remember it costs zero dollars to mind your own business and keep it movin’.

I can’t help myself. Possibly because I could be slightly intoxicated on all things apple-cinnamon-pumpkin-spiced, but man. This season brings out the best in people, and it lifts my spirit to see actual smiles on actual faces.

Since I’m over here waxing poetic about fall, now’s a good time to bring up the bucket list. Not just any bucket list, obviously.

In true homage to the movie that inspired a million Pinterest infographics, I’m talking about a bona fide Fall Bucket List.

It’s going to be fun, right?

I know, I know – Seasonal bucket lists are NOT new and revolutionary, I totally get that.

Ours won’t be earth shattering, but it’s special to us because it’s ours. Tweaked over the years to fit our lives and the area we live in. My point in sharing our list is to encourage you to make adventures of your own, even if they aren’t Pinterest perfect.

Your kids will probably barely remember what Pinterest is when they’re older. But I promise those moments that you carve out will live with them forever. I cherish the memories we created as a family when I was growing up, and not a single one of those memories were snap/insta/tiktok worthy.

So here’s our humble little Fall Bucket List:

Thankful Pumpkins. I’ve talked about these before, but we started this with my oldest nephew (now 23) and have carried it on ever since. There are a ton of ways to do this, but in our family, everyone gets their own pumpkin (the orange foam ones from Dollar Tree). I decorate the front with an autumn themed quote or scripture and the kids get to take a sharpie to the rest of it, filling it with things they’re thankful for.

It’s usually a month-long sort of organic process for us, beginning when the pumpkins first come out (around Halloween) and culminating at Thanksgiving, when we pull out the pumpkins and read them.

We keep the pumpkins from years past in a cute basket. I’m not sure what we’ll do when we run out of space for them, but honestly, they’re so sweet that I have trouble parting with any of them.

Corn Maze/Pumpkin Patch. I group these together because they pretty much hit the same notes, for us. We aren’t particular about one over the other, so last year, when our local patch was shut down due to COVID, we picked a corn maze.

Spoiler alert – EV was every bit as thrilled. Probably more so, because of the bouncy houses.

Farmer’s Market. We already love our local farmer’s market, but this year, I want to try some of the markets in nearby communities, just for something different. We haven’t crossed this one off of our bucket list yet, but there’s always this weekend!

Eat Candy Corn….Butterfingers, that is. We’re not huge fans of candy corn by itself around here, so I mix it with a little peanut, corn flakes, and chocolate and VOILA. We’ve got ourselves a (really yummy) check mark.

I pick up several bags during the after-Halloween sales to get us through the fall season…. Or at least the next week or so.

Nature Walk/Picnic at the Park. We’ve already checked this one off, complete with a sweet little collection of leaves and rocks. Our ‘picnic’ was just Chick-Fil-A on a bench at the park, but EV was 1,000% down for the nature walk afterwards.

Unfortunately, my precious girl now thinks that we need to pick up every ‘interesting’ rock and leaf, from henceforth and forevermore. It’s, um, sweet. Cue total germaphobe panicking NOW.

We did leaf rubbings and mama totally intended to make a sweet garland like the one linked above, but our leaves were incredibly dry and crumbly, so that idea was out.

Snuggle up and watch HALLMARK! This, with the exclamation point, because it’s one of my favorite fall activities, obviously. It’s been a little tradition of ours to have decaf coffee and share a couple of peanut butter cups while we watch sappy romances, and I can’t tell you how much I savor this time with my sweet girl.

I hold no illusions that she’ll always be here for the Hallmark, but I’m hanging on for dear life while I’ve got the chance.

We don’t have regular cable, so we watch Hallmark shows on the Frndly app. No affiliate plug or anything here, just, you know, throwin’ it out there because some people might not know that it’s a thing.

Make Cinnamon Playdough. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think of cinnamon when they think of the scents of fall, honestly, and if I did, I’d argue that they’re wrong.

You can’t convince me that cinnamon and fall don’t belong together.

I like this recipe because it’s taste-friendly. I was worried that EV wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation to try it out because it smells so divine.

Thankfully, she didn’t actually test it out, but she LOVED making it. It was a total hit for us. She’s been using it in her little kitchen to ‘cook’ meals for me, and dangit if I don’t want to taste test the stuff, myself.

Random Acts of Kindness. Our church does Operation Christmas Child boxes each year and our kids absolutely love shopping for these. This year, we’ve been big on blessing bags.

For our fall bags, I added hand warmers and socks. It’s not super cold here in south Texas – YET – but the humidity makes the temperatures seem worse than they are.

How about you? Are you making a bucket list, or are you winging it?

Have a great week, friends!

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