Fashion Friday (10/29/21)

Happy FRIYAY, y’all!

We’re headed into a holiday weekend that matters very little to me personally, since we don’t officially Halloween around here.

I’m gonna be honest – my Christmas tree is already up. I’m on to bigger and better, y’all.

But we’ve taken a casual approach to Halloween in our household, because the reality of living in a world that celebrates with all the spooky, creepy, over-the-top carrying on it possibly can? That reality is that my 3-year-old wants to be at least 7 things for Halloween.

All of which come with their own costumes, obviously, and with those costumes, a whole other set of drama because OH, THE ITCHING.

Apparently we’ve developed a serious affinity for only the finest natural fabrics woven by virgin maids in Tibet touching our precious skin.

So anyway – we don’t trick-or-treat or decorate with spooky things, but I do let EV dress up for her school party, and we’ll hand out candy if we happen to be home. We focus on family time and make the day more of a ‘holiday season kickoff’ rather than a celebration of macabre traditions.

EV’s going to school as Moana this year because our local superstore accidentally marked down the costume and I snatched it up for her dress-up box, but I also considered these:

Um, how gorgeous is this handmade Wonder Woman costume? I cannot get over the detail on this dress. This one is in my Etsy cart just because I want it for her dress up box, tbh.

Ok, so I had this idea in my head that EV could be Pebbles, and her cousin C, who is 5 months older than her and pretty much acts as her protective big brother, would be Bam Bam. Which would be perfect because he is a tough little guy with the sweetest heart, but he’s not interested in dressing up if it isn’t a superhero. Bam Bam’s skirt was NOT happening for my dude.

EV’s always a fan of a good princess skirt, so the tutu on this option gets the golden buzzer, for sure. I love the colors of the butterfly wings, and I have zero doubt that my kid would twirl in this for hours.

Honestly, even though I can’t confirm that these are natural spun textiles woven by Tibetian virgins, I think she’d look pretty stinking adorable in all of them.

Happy Friday, friends, and I hope you enjoy some family time as you kick off the holiday season this weekend!

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