Fashion Friday (10/15/21)

Hey, Friday! I’ve been waiting all week for you.

With October in full swing, I’m already looking ahead to Christmas and winter and all things holiday. I know, I know. CRAZY TALK. But I’ve passed out Halloween candy for years with a fully-decorated Christmas tree in my living room and not one single kid has judged me for it, so, you know, it’s totally fine.

I just ignore the grownups who DO judge me for it.


Anyway, winter prep with a toddler means lots of shopping, because at this age, nothing fits from last year. And since south Texas summers are brutally hot, there’s not much that I can reuse from her current wardrobe.

Both very valid reasons to shop like crazy for my girl, but let’s be honest – I never really need a valid reason to do that.

This week’s haul is from H&M. We LOVE us some H&M; I’ve found that the sizing is a little on the larger side, so there was a definite learning curve in ordering for my girl. But overall, I’ve been pretty happy with the quality!

Remember how I said there was a definite learning curve to my ordering with H&M? Well, this is an example of that. I bought EV’s winter coat last year FOR last year, but it was quite a bit bigger than I expected.

Which, for a winter coat that is rarely used in sweltering south Texas, isn’t such a bad thing.

EV’s coat is actually leopard print, but they’re not offering that print this year. Which makes me doubly glad I accidentally ordered her size up last year, I’m not gonna lie.

When she outgrows her leopard print one, I can see myself grabbing a print like this one, though. It’s super cute and not too ‘popular kidswear’, if you know what I mean.

I’m looking at you, sparkles and unicorns.

We’ve traveled a well-worn path of winter fashion attempts over the past few years with this girlie, and have found that she is an absolute snob about pants. She’s not a fan of jersey cotton leggings. They can’t be too tight. They can’t be too loose. They can’t be TOO COLD when I put them on her legs.

It’s a whole thing, y’all, and mornings can be brutal around our house.

She is comfortable with these jeggings, though, and I like that they match literally everything. They’re obviously pricier than, oh, say, JERSEY COTTON LEGGINGS, but I also don’t have to plead and cajole a 3-year-old into them every morning, so I’ll take that loss for an ultimate WIN.

I couldn’t decide which sweater I loved more.

These polka dots? OMG.

But that bow detail? I CANNOT EVEN.

I know that I’ll hit up Target for her casual/schoolwear sweatshirts, so these tops will be ‘town clothes’. Because I can’t help myself, and yes, my kid has multiple wardrobes for different uses – home, school, town, church, in order of casual to dressy.

It’s a problem, I know, but I’m helpless to resist cute clothes in miniature sizes.

Little. Mini. Chelsea. Boots. Y’all, I can’t get enough of these. They literally go with everything. I don’t have these in hand yet, but they’ve shipped already and I cannot wait to style them with all the things.

Have a happy Friday, friends!

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