Fashion Friday Rules Were Made To Be Broken!

Ahh, vintage fashion. Just looking at a young, glam Veronica Lake makes me feel a little ashamed of the dry shampoo I used with wild abandon this morning, y’all. She’s got it going on.

That’s the thing about fashion from years past, right? It evokes a reaction, whether that reaction is a sappy sigh or a resounding NOPE. I’m the former just as much as the latter, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, so I’m looking at some vintage glam photos, which spiraled into me looking at vintage beauty recommendations, which turned into me looking at trends over the last 100 years, which became me, again, thinking about all the outdated fashion rules some of us (me, again) still follow, and I decided Fashion Friday would be the perfect time to hash this out.

You know the ones I mean, right?

Never wear white after Labor Day. By far the most famous fashion rule, this one is likely due to the dadgum heat that we all have to endure during the summertime. And to think – our ancestors endured it without air conditioning. Bless. Since it’s still dadgum hot here after labor day, I’m giving this one a 0 our of 5 for relevancy.

Match your bag or belt to your shoes. I’m not sure of the origins here, but this is a fashion rule I still follow. Prints and fun colors don’t count, mostly because I refuse to lose the last bit of sanity remaining in my head. But a black belt and brown shoes, all in the same outfit? Not happening here, friend. 5/5 for relevancy on this one.

Always wear stockings with dresses and skirts. I didn’t google this one because I, in all of my common sense (ha) felt that it makes sense in an evolution-of-fashion kind of way. As ladies’ hems rose, they retained a sense of decorum by keeping their legs covered with…something. Unfortunately, that ‘something’ is restrictive and hot, so I give stockings a hard pass. 0/5 for me, thanks!

Only one metal at a time. Never mix a yellow gold with a rose gold, darling. It just isn’t done. This one gets a 3/5 for relevancy from me because I do tend to stick with the same type of metal when I’m choosing my accessories – I won’t wear gold hoops with a silver necklace, for example. But I’m not as neurotic as I used to be about this; 15 years ago, I would have made sure the buckles on my shoes were the same metal as my other accessories. So, you know. Progress.

Always match your manicure and pedicure. This is an old standby rule and also one that I tend to follow, so totally a 5/5 for me. I can’t bring myself to ask for blue nails and red toes, I just can’t. I’m willing to bet that this isn’t the oldest-fashioned thing I do.

How about you? Do you have any outdated fashion rules that you actually still follow?

Happy weekend, friends!

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