Fashion Friday (9/17/21)

Hey y’all! It’s fashion Friday and today I feel like digging a little into my past for some fashion tidbits.

Not too far, you understand – I’m walking that fine line between ‘fun to read’ and ‘let’s just skip to the recipe’.

Yeah, it’s called OVERSHARE, this path I’m on. But I’m glad you’re here for the journey, anyway!

SO. About that fashion past – specifically, my conservative upbringing. I was raised in a culture that provided a very long list of rules regarding ladies’ clothing. Not much emphasis for the men, you understand, but female clothing was regulated pretty heavily.

Women and girls wear skirts (knee-length or longer) and avoid any type of fabric or cut that would emphasize the womanly shape. Slits in the skirts are discouraged, but if necessary for walking, must end below the knee. Girls are instructed from an early age how to sit and stand to avoid their skirts clinging and revealing any part of their shape.

That’s a whole lot to unpack, obviously, and there’s far more to the rulebook, but that post would take all day. I’ve spent most of my adulthood diving into the whys and determining exactly where my own convictions lead me.

I have to be honest, though, that restrictive atmosphere is probably why most of the first years of my adulthood were spent in jeans. STILL. I grew up in skirts and I’ve never stopped loving them. Rules aside, they’re feminine and fun and honestly way more comfortable in south Texas summers than jeans, so I’ve chosen to embrace the sweet parts of a simple, homespun childhood instead of focusing on the crazy that can come along with a culture based on legalism and restriction.

My skirt choices as an adult are based on the best fit for my body, not on hiding my body. That being said, just because I CAN wear whatever I want doesn’t mean I SHOULD.

Enter helpful diagram A:

{from Pinterest}

While this doesn’t break down every body type with its flattering/unflattering points, you can see that there are certain hem lengths that are best to avoid on, well, pretty much everyone. The grey ‘STAY AWAY’ zones are literally spot on for unflattering lengths, in my experience, even though Target seems to think that we’re all rack thin with impossibly long legs.

Cue the rolling of eyes here.

There are a million opinions about dressing for your body type out there, y’all. This post could get preeeeetty lengthy if I covered them all, so I won’t do that. I’m going to fire a few, though, you know, bullet style:

Fabric is important. If you’re carrying any extra junk in your trunk at all – or, heck, even a dimple or two – you may want to consider a substantial enough texture to contain all that natural curve. So probably steer clear of a silky bias cut number.

A-line skirts are universally flattering, especially if you tend to carry your weight around the middle. You want a slighter A-line if you’re concerned about width, but girl, don’t be scared. Show off those legs!

Pencil skirts are a two-sided coin. Choose the right fit and length and you are ON TOP OF THE WORLD. But be careful with the clingy, mid-calf pencil skirts that are everywhere right now; they shorten the line of the leg and highlight problem areas like hip dips.

What say you? Do you have any tips or tricks for finding the perfect skirt?

Happy Friday, friends!

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