Fashion Friday (9/10/21)

Well, that happened fast.

I’m talking about the way this week flashed before our very eyes, obviously, because all it took was a blink to get to Friday!

That’s what it feels like to me, anyway, but then again, I’m the one who LIVES for hyperbole.

I’ve been on a farmer-in-the-dell fashion kick lately, which really just means that I’m wearing all manner of fall hats (while they’re still cool and not totally lame and out of touch) and chambray.

Do you love a good chambray shirt?

Rhetorical question, clearly, because WHO DOESN’T?!

I have a whole section in my closet for chambray shirts, but you really only need one to transform your whole wardrobe.

Um, hello denim on denim with a fabulous overcoat? I’m here to see you.

{from Pinterest}

This is a classic casual look and one I wear literally ALL the time. It’s leggings and a tee, y’all. It’s not rocket science, and I get that. But throw on a chambray shirt and it’s all pulled-together rockin’ mama.

At least in my head, so don’t ruin it for me by telling me otherwise.

{from Pinterest}

See what I mean? Throw a chambray shirt on, maybe a hat if you’re fancy, and you’re like, Pinterest GOLD.

{from Pinterest}

Ok, so you know how I said you only really need ONE chambray shirt? Well, that’s probably not ENTIRELY true if you feel the level of feels that I do when it comes to a wardrobe staple.

Which is not weird at all, y’all. NOT WEIRD AT ALL.

Anyway, so this is an oversized version of the best shirt ever, and paired with a breeze mini dress, is perfect for summer-to-fall transition.

Y’all. This look is from 2011. TEN YEARS AGO. It’s that classic, and one that I still wear all the time. The type of skirt has changed over the years (from tulle to pleated to midi to bias-cut) but the basic look?


Have a happy (fashion) Friday, my friends!

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