Fashion Friday (9/3/21)

Whoa, y’all. Your girl just blinked, and we went from Monday to Friday. What is even happening right now?!?

I’m obviously on an Autumnal kick this week – I’m fully invested in decorating in all the orange and pumpkins my little heart can handle (happening TOMORROW, EEK!) and I’ve been putting away my springy-er clothes for more of the jewel tones of fall/winter wear.

I mean, yes, it’s still hot as balls out here.

But a girl can dream.

Anyway, since I’m here for the season, let’s shop for, well, fall. Specifically, fall work wear, because that’s the vast majority of my sartorial needs these days.

Look, y’all. I’m not going to claim to reinvent the wheel or anything. I know a good blazer isn’t revolutionary.


This is super cute. I love that it’s got some texture and movement and kind of looks like a good blend between shoulder pads and in charge and slouchy librarian sweater. Not that I’m opposed to either of those looks, tbh. I’m here for it ALL.

This top is calling my name. Seriously, I can hear it begging me to add to cart, and who am I to resist?! It comes in black, navy, raspberry, white, and this orange color, and I’m kind of all about this pumpkin spice feel right now. I’m not entirely certain that pumpkin orange is a good color for me, but I’m not opposed to finding out!

Y’all, I love me some good, timeless layers. This outfit was shared and sourced back in 2015 (!) and here I am, SIX YEARS LATER, still loving the look. I’m here for the belted vest, especially when it’s soft, snuggly, and still office-appropriate.

Done and DONE.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends, and if you find it in your heart to bust out a pumpkin or an orange leaf, just know that I AM WITH YOU IN SPIRIT.

Happy Friday!

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