You Can Call Me ‘Early Adopter’

Is that…. Is that a beautiful orange LEAF? Can it be? Is it… FALL?

Spoiler alert. It’s NOT. It’s still a billion degrees outside, but here in the middle of the air-conditioned aisle at Hobby Lobby, it’s fully fall. And Christmas.

And I could not be happier about it.

I’m what you could call an early adopter. You know, one of the first ones to set out pumpkins and crank down the air and burn all the apple-spiced wax melts. I’m doing that this week, actually – I pretty much go straight from patriotic July décor to Autumn, and I hang on tight until October, when it’s most definitely time for Christmas.

Other holidays notwithstanding.

Is anyone else crazy early like this, or am I out here on an island by myself? Not that it matters if I’m on an island by myself, really, because if this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

It’s just lengthening the season of holidays and celebration and drawing close to our families and sharing love with one another, and I love everything about it.

So anyway, here’s what I’m thinking for this year’s Autumnal décor:

Beauty for Ashes has a sweet little post on transitioning from summer to fall that I’ve pinned and stalked already, thankyouverymuch. I love the simple tips for bringing little touches into your home that stand up and holler FALL IS HERE.

Even if it isn’t.

Here, harvest fruits and a pie-themed letter board are all you need for a cute little vignette that isn’t overdone.

I love me some boho, y’all, and it’s all the rage right now. It’s the new farmhouse, which was the new shabby chic, which was the new eclectic, which, well, you get the idea. It all comes and goes in cycles.

ANYWAY. I’m a geriatric millennial, apparently, and I still remember all of the linen and ruffles and layers from the shabby chic era with fondness, which is probably why I love this vase filled with pumpkins and little balls of linen strips.

TAKE THAT, boho. Layers are still cool.

I love when simple, hand-drawn art becomes something special. I make it a point to make or paint or DIY most of my art, but I’ve never actually done anything seasonal.

That’s going to change. I can totally swing some pumpkin art, y’all. Challenge ACCEPTED.

I’m loving the look of these magnolia leaves paired with the pumpkins. Coincidentally, our family was blessed with a sweet little girl named Magnolia earlier this year, so this touch is extra special. Magnolias bloom more in late spring around here, but these colors are spot on for boho chic fall, so WHO EVEN CARES.

This one’s for you, baby Maggie!

Ya’ll. I’m so ready. Literally I CANNOT WAIT.

Happy Monday, friends!

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