Fashion Friday (8/27/21)


I have been horrified – HORRIFIED – at some of the shoes I’ve seen over the last year or two. I’m right there at the age of ‘everything I remember is cool again’ but, you know, I also remember when it became incredibly uncool and OMG who would still wear that? I mean, for real – the squared-toe sandals, acid wash, oversized flannels, greased-down parted ponytails, tiny nonsensical sunglasses – all of it.

Yep. It became uncool back then, and – gasp – it’s gonna be uncool again soon. So just remember that, all you sweet young fashionistas thinking you are CUTTING EDGE.

Anyway, the shoes. Mules are a big one for me. They’re like the shoe version of a mullet – all business in the front and a naked party in the back.

Obviously this is a very fun loving mullet.

So to put it frankly, they’re weird to me. I don’t get why you’d want a closed-in, conservative half-shoe that just… ends.. at the halfway point.

Is it to save time getting dressed? Is that it? You can just jam your foot into a mule and no one will notice that the back half of the shoe is completely open for unfettered access? Is it like an Anchorman thing, where they don’t wear pants underneath the table, but above the waist, they’re in a sport coat and tie?


Anyway, I thought today would be a good time to explore those and take a look at some of our current mule options, because, well, why the heck not?

I’m gonna be honest, I did not have high expectations when I started shopping for mules. Being a staunch opponent of mullet shoes, I didn’t expect to actually be convinced to buy any.

WELL. Color me (leopard print) surprised, y’all. I’m not sure if it’s the cutouts or the leopard print in general, but these are super cute! And reasonable, so, obviously, ADD TO CART.

This little pair is enough like a western boot to maybe, possibly, in some instances be okay. I’m still not convinced that it doesn’t make more sense to just finish the shoe out with a back piece (are we really saving on leather here, folks?) but this is a cute look, I can’t lie.

Just, you know… in a mullet-y kind of way.

This mule is exactly what I think of when I remember the mule silhouette from back in the day. You know, when it was SO hip, and then SO not. And apparently, it’s back in several prints (black, snakeskin, or leopard as pictured above).

I just cannot unsee the little aunties and grandmas teetering along in their broomstick skirts and little pointed mules, y’all. This is what I remember of these shoes, and I honestly don’t even know how to get past it.

Maybe there’s a support group for that. People who identify as traumatized by past fashions?

‘cause sign me up.  

Happy Friday, friends!

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