Adulting, Date Night Edition

Happy hot-and-sticky-OMG-I’m-gonna-melt Monday, y’all!

I hope you’re bursting into this week with glorious ambition and purpose and light and love.

Me, I’m shimmying into my Monday kind of like everything I’m wearing is stuck to my ever-lovin’ skin, if I’m honest.

But I’m here, y’all. Some days that’s the best I’ve got.

ANYWAY. J and I are in that weird parenting phase where we’re starting to TALK about date night, understanding that we both need date night, but neither of us are fully committed to the whole process of getting dressed up, going out in public, and most importantly, leaving our 3-year-old at home to do so.

It’s not that we don’t like to go out, you understand. J is actually the social half of this duo, and he’s been out and about a lot more than I have. But when it comes to us going out, you know, TOGETHER, that’s a whole other thing.

But we know that connecting on an adult level is important to keeping a relationship healthy, so we’re randomly throwing out ideas at one another lately, which probably appears pretty weird to anyone who doesn’t know us.

“Honey, have you seen the peanut butter?”

“How about skydiving?”

“Hey, babe, can you come help me lift this?”

“I think we should have a picnic.”

It’s a running conversation. With, you know, not a lot of running because let’s face it, I’m doing good to keep up with my gym schedule.

Anyway, we’re up for more ideas. Here’s what I have so far:

Hiking (2.5 hour drive one-way for this)

Museums (1.5-2 hour drive one-way for these)

Skydiving (1 hour drive one-way for this)


Wineries (1-2 hour drive one-way for these)

Dinner and drinks


Escape Rooms (I HATE THIS IDEA because anxiety)

Bike rides (he needs a new bike)

Casino (would require at least an overnight away from EV, also, I HATE THIS IDEA because I don’t play anything)

Camping (Ugh)

Spa day

We don’t work well together, so taking on projects is a super bad idea. Small town south Texas also doesn’t offer much in the way of activities; we’re fortunate to at least be within reasonable driving distance of things to do.

Do you and your spouse have any tried-and-true date night activities to recommend? Besides, you know, date NIGHT activities. I’m talking actual grown up things to do outside the home, but the more I try to steer this paragraph away from grown up things that happen on date nights, the more I come up with double entendres, so I’m stopping right there.

Happy Monday, friends!

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