Fashion Friday (8/13/21)


That exclamation deserved all-caps, y’all. It’s been a week! And since I started out the week thinking about vegging out in front of my TV and actually, you know, controlling the remote, that’s literally my goal for tomorrow evening.

Wrote it down in my planner and everything, because I’m LIVELY AND SPONTANEOUS.

Anyway, I thought this would be a good time to do a post about loungewear, right?

Ok, right. I know, I know. Mamas all over the world, just go ahead and roll those eyes. I see you, girl. Wearing your nursing gown from 7 years ago with the rip on the hip and a few loose buttons. I SEE YOU.

But there’s something so absolutely luxurious about wearing clothes that are CUTE and MATCH and also entirely made for comfort.

Y’all. Put me in a matching set of jammies and I am an absolute QUEEN. In my head. Because really, I’m a toddler mom, and we all know who actually runs the show.

Is it even possible to go wrong with shorts and an oversized top? IS IT? This cute set from Etsy is perfect. Slouchy and comfy, but totally matches and I can get away with wearing it at least half the day, so, you know. WINNING over here.

Joggers are trying a little harder, I feel like, so this is maybe something to wear when people are coming over but I don’t want to put on real clothes. Matchy? Check. Covers the fact that my legs aren’t shaved? ALSO CHECK.

I actually own this in several colors, and while it does absolutely nothing for the figure because it has zero support, it is COMFY. So, so soft and light, and most definitely serves the purpose of lounging around being unproductive on a Saturday morning.

That being said, while it may solve the problem of matching by being one solid color, it’s definitely not something I’d answer the front door wearing, so there’s that.

Have a happy Friday and a relaxing weekend, my friends!

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