Remote Hogs!



I have (somewhat im)patiently sat to the side while my threenager HOGS THE REMOTE. I have tried to escape the catchy tunes and silly toddler superheroes and terrible voiceovers (I’m looking at you and your ridiculous ‘accent’, Sheriff Callie).

But I’m ready to take back the remote and watch something that isn’t animated and high pitched.

But here’s the thing; I’m an old soul. Like, my favorite shows are in black and white. I like the Dick Van Dyke Show. Andy Griffith. I Love Lucy. Those are my jam. I’m also a big Golden Girls fan. I don’t really watch anything ‘new’. I’ve seen The Office and Parks and Rec, Kim’s Convenience, Schitt’s Creek, and Sweet Magnolias in the past couple of years, sprinkled, of course, with copious amounts of holiday Hallmark movies.

So my tastes are kind of all over the place, but some overarching themes are humor and more lighthearted shows. I don’t like dark or spiritually charged shows. Definitely nothing that would grieve the heart of Jesus, if you know what I mean. Mama tries to keep it clean. I also love history and can watch documentaries all day long, which serves me well when my other child, aka J, hogs the remote. He’ll watch space alien sightings on YouTube ALL DAY LONG, y’all.

Anyway, enough about my precious, beloved remote hogs. It’s hard to find shows to binge that fit all my criteria, but I’m on the hunt. Granted, this is probably a moot point, because the chances of me getting to control the remote are about thiiiiiiiiiisbig.

So whatchy’all got? (That’s a real word, by the way. Just ask a southerner). Anyone have any new shows to recommend? I’d love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful Monday, friends!

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