Fashion Friday (8/6/21)

Happy Friday, friends!

We’re on a roll this year, aren’t we? It’s August already, and for most of the mamas in the land, that means OMG, I’ve gotta get my kid some decent clothes for school!

EV’s in a daycare preschool program, so summer break isn’t a thing for us. We work year-round, and she’s in school year-round, y’all, that’s just how it goes.


That is absolutely, 100% not a good reason for me to NOT talk about shopping, but in all fairness, she’s still wearing shorts, t-shirts, and short sleeved skater dresses, so we don’t really NEED anything.

But eventually (I hold onto hope as I say this) it will cool down and we’ll need some transitional items, so today, let’s talk about those in-between pieces, shall we?

I actually keep a lightweight jacket in EV’s backpack year round because she tends to think she’s literally frozen when she gets tired. Whether or not she’s dripping in sweat, you understand. I’m not sure why my kid is the way that she is, but I’d like to take this moment to point out that the drama queen gene runs STRONG on her father’s side.

ANYWAY. This means that we have quite the collection of hoodies and jackets. I love this one from Gap for this fall, and bonus – I’ll see her coming or going from a mile away.

We’re past the point of wearing all her limited edition chucks and vans to school, y’all. My kid plays on a recycled rubber tire playground that literally turns all of her shoes the deepest, hardest-to-clean black known to man, so I’m not willing to spend a bunch of money on shoes that will be thrown away sooner rather than later.

She gets a new pair of school shoes when she either outgrows or ruins what she’s got, and all the fun shoes come out to play on weekends. Totally first world problems that I recognize we’re blessed to have, so I roll with it (and yes, we pass along all her wearable clothes and shoes when she’s done with them).

Anyway, back to the shopping.

I don’t know if it’s a mental thing, or just that I’m mental, but I tend to go for high tops in the fall and winter and low tops in the spring and summer. Are they REALLY warmer or cooler, based on the level of ankle coverage?

Who knows?

Am I really going to stop shopping this way based on actual physics?

Also, who knows, but probably not. These cute little shoes are reasonably priced and ‘warmer’ shoes, in my head, so I picked them up on sale ($24!) for her to wear while we transition back to warmer clothes and all the layers.

Let’s be real – the length of the hem and sleeve is probably all that really distinguishes summer clothes from the winter ones around here. Evie’s still got plenty of only-partially-stained tees for school, so she’ll keep wearing those and once it’s too chilly for shorts, we’ll transition to leggings. I go for cheap and efficient, because, again, messy destructive toddler in a school environment.

Happy Friday, friends – and if you’re in Texas, happy tax-free shopping for clothes weekend!

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