Fashion Friday (7/23/21)

Happy Friday, friends!

With summer in full swing, south Texas is ALL ABOUT the backyard BBQ. I mean, to be fair, we are never not about BBQ. But after all of the craziness and lockdown measures of the past year-ish, it’s safe to say that most folks around here are ready to get back to normal.

And normal means lots of backyard BBQs. Period.

And what, my friends, does that have to do with fashion?


We’ve covered the whole ‘it’s-hotter-than-hades-in-south-Texas-in-July’ thing pretty well around the blog, so I won’t get into that very obvious point in my story. I might have also complained gracefully shared my thoughts on being, well, a middle-aged mom. And I don’t need to drag THAT reminder out again, either.

So what we REALLY have here, aside from the best BBQ on the planet, is a need for hot weather attire that fits the middle aged, but still SUPER COOL mom vibe I’ve got going on. Basically, it’s time to shop some looks.

I’m feeling the vibe here. This mini – or midi, depending on the store you’re shopping and its target demographic – smock dress is floaty, breezy, and lightweight. It’s perfect for temperatures where you need to consider the breathability of every single item of clothing you wear, and I love it for a casual party with friends. But probably not one in which I’m chasing my kid around, not gonna lie.

This is a pretty straightforward look for a mama on the go, but I love that this is paired with espadrilles and a tee with some fun detailing. Kind of keeps the look from being too ‘I also weed my garden in this outfit’, you know?

Speaking of gardening and multi-functional outfits… This one isn’t that. Off-the-shoulder isn’t for everyone, especially busty gals like me. But mama bought a good strapless bra, y’all, so anything is possible.

Except maybe chasing my toddler around in my fancy new bra and off-the-shoulder shirt.

Let’s put this look in the ‘mostly grownups outdoor soiree’ category, shall we?

There’s something about a bright and floaty kimono that calls to me, and I love it paired with a simple white tank and shorts. Obviously, we’re not talking about full-on cardigans, here, but a good lightweight kimono is totally doable for a cute summer look.

Bonus points because you can pull it shut if you or your child happen to drip sauce on your fancy white shorts, right? That has to count for somethin’.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with laughter and lots of grilled meat!

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