Reading With Toddlers

Anybody else a bibliophile? I am a BIG TIME book nerd, y’all. I grew up with no tv or computer, so my options for entertainment were limited to playing outside or reading books.

Y’all already know how I feel about the summer heat around here, so you can bet I was inside in front of an A/C vent when things got too hot to handle.

Anyway, reading is LIFE and I started my love affair with books really early, thanks to my dad. He took great pride in teaching me to read at 3 years old and write by 4. He also liked to teach  me to use obscure words like ‘apropos’, which was my very favorite vocabulary word as a toddler.

Now I have my own daughter with her own firmly-entrenched love of books. She’s not quite reading yet, but we’re working on it. Meaning mama’s reading about 1,000 books a day and ready for EV to take on some of that responsibility, you know?

In all seriousness, EV’s showing signs of reading readiness, so I’ve been following Jady A. on YouTube. She’s got HEAPS of awesome videos and resources for teaching and parenting, and I highly recommend cruising through her channel. This video is the one I’ve been following to teach EV to read in stages:

We’re still in the beginning, but I can see such an improvement in her letter recognition. We’re well on our way to EV reading ME all the bedtime stories, y’all!

Does anyone out there have any other tried-and-true methods for teaching preschool-aged children?

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